3, CC2541 Chip Intermediate tutorial-osal operating System (ADC Photoresistors and modified serial port baud rate)

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First, adc-photoresistors

    • Light Dark time resistance value of up to 500K, measured P07 terminal voltage of about 0.5V;
    • Light is very bright is the resistance value of only more than 1k, measured P07 terminal voltage of about 3.0V.

Photoresistors ADC Sampling

Simplebletest.c167 line, set AVDD as the reference voltage, that is, 3.3V.
168 lines, 12-bit ADC sampling for AIN7 (i.e., P0.7).
178~185 Line, the sampled data to the linear conversion operation, converted to a voltage value, and displayed.

Second, serial port baud rate expansion (16)

There are only a few baud rates after the stack is installed , which is not used in post-write applications, and this section implements the baud rate extension to support more baud rates.

In the Hal_uart.h

Inside the red box is our added baud rate macro definition .


512~514 line, add judgment , according to the following (see CC254X Data Sheet p167 page):

How to use new baud rate?

In the Npi.h:

87 lines, modify the macro definition in the red box, you can use the new baud rate, for example,
Modified into
Then, the system will use a baud rate of 1200, so the serial assistant also needs to be set to 1200 baud rate.

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3, CC2541 Chip Intermediate tutorial-osal operating System (ADC Photoresistors and modified serial port baud rate)

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