3 DMAX graphic Tutorial: quickly create a realistic yunxing Animation

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This article will introduce how to use 3dmax to create a yunxing animation. This operation is very simple and can be followed by new users. The following mainly describes the text explanation, if you want to learn basic tutorial videos, you can transfer them to videos.E 3dmax2012 video tutorial.

I. In 3dsmax, many functions can be used to simulate the nebula, such as particle system and fog (FOG) functions. However, the primary feature of the nebula must be within the sphere atmosphere of the planet. Only the combustion function can achieve this through the atmospheric apparatus (gas limiting device), so it is used to simulate the "Nebula ".

2. Based on the author's teaching experience, when the creation object meets the students' thinking habits, the creation will become easy and pleasant. First, the students are most familiar with the earth. Therefore, we should select the view of the Earth's nebula as the creation scenario. First, we should change the size of the view, change the abstract unit in the software to the familiar KM unit (1 ).

Figure 1

Second, when creating a sphere to simulate the earth, set its radius to the actual earth's radius of 5000 km. At last, according to satellite data, 900km of the sky above the ground can still see atmospheric traces, but 99.9% of the atmosphere is concentrated in the ground, 50km of the people in the middle of the ground and the lower layer. Therefore, when sphere gizmo is used to limit the nebula, the radius should be 5000 + 50 = 5050 km.

3. Open the material editor and activate the sample. Set diffuse (diffuse reflection) to bitmap, and select "texture> planet> Earth-map (Earth map)" In 3dsmax )". Set reflection to bitmap and select "texture> sky> cloud2 (cloud)" In 3dsmax )". Add the edited material to the sphere.


4. Select "rendering → environment → add → combustion" and select sphere in (2) as its scope of action. Combustion has a series of parameters to simulate the state of "Nebula.


1. Color: Let's look back at the Earth's situation from a satellite. The earth's atmosphere is pale blue (r = 215, G = 224, B = 252 ).


Figure 2


2. Flame size (cloud size): Because the preset unit is km, the Sphere size is the actual size of the Earth. Most of the students can follow a statement in the weather forecast: this cold air will affect the United States local area of 1/3 square meters. Estimate: size = the length of land is 3 ≈ 1000 kilometers.


3. Flame detail, sample (indicating the details of the cloud): it is easy to imagine that it is impossible to observe the earth cloud from space. Therefore, these two values do not need to be too large, 3 ~ Within 5.


4. density (density): as a user of complex software, it is wise to prepare some convenient and effective tools for yourself. For example, the "particle system parameter table" mentioned in "Fountain" can save a lot of time for creation. In the creation of fog, cloud, steam, the author also prepared a series of cards for students "visual card", established the connection between the gas status and numerical values. 2 is a small part of the "visual card. Pictures in the card are different fog forms in nature. The data in the following data row is: the combustion of 100 unit thickness must reach the density value in the figure above. The problem is solved, and the state of the nebula is similar to the first image. When the atmospheric thickness is 50km, the thickness and density are inversely proportional, and the density should be 100.


5. regularity (indicating that the clouds become thinner from a certain position in the sphere radius): The problem can be easily solved by using a visual card and will not be described due to space issues. The value is 0.8.


5. In order to make the scene show the reality of the earth's nebula, a light blue light must be added to the nebula.


6. Add the galaxy background for the scenario and the moon that rotates around the Earth. A complete animation of the nebula is complete (3 ).


Figure 3


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3 DMAX graphic Tutorial: quickly create a realistic yunxing Animation

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