3 dozen members of Jianwang on the cloud Lake Battlefield

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I will give you a detailed analysis of the experience of the personal battlefield command on the cloud Lake battlefield for more than 10 people.
Sharing experiences:
I. How to win
1. The winning party of both parties first scored one hundred points
2. Time depletion score top party wins
II. Staffing
The cloud Lake battlefield is one of the simplest battlefields in all battlefields. It only requires occupying the middle of the battlefield as much as possible to kill the other party and open the flag to obtain scores. It can also be understood as a group.
In terms of staffing, it is recommended that you have the following occupations: Zhujian, cangyun, zhubang, Tianluo, Jianchun, Nishi, Huaxiang, xiumilk, and gemilk.
The following describes the personnel configuration:
Yunhu is the most excellent battlefield for ten people. It is equipped with two people, and each of them has one person. There is no doubt that the Clash of Kings, the damage caused by windmills at the same time by the two swords is hard to resist by any profession. Huang helped his full-time nurse, and cangyun mainly protected and interrupted the flag.
Wan Hua (Flower Room) 1 person, Tang men (snail works) pure yang (sword pure) each 1 person. The damage to the flowers is obvious to all in the Masters competition, and the damage to the death of a three-person Jade in the flower room is not from thin air. In the face of the remote and crispy DPS flower room, the damage is fatal. Tian Luo and Jian Chun also do not need to say much, on the high platform, Jian Chun and Tian Luo's authorities in a gas field, the opponent will be hiding.
It is recommended to show milk toxic milk songs, the number of nurses can be 2-3. The mobility of show milk, the amount of toxic milk, and the protection of song milk can be fully reflected in this battlefield.
III. Battlefield mechanism
In the Cloud Lake battlefield, one minute is taken to kill each other, with a full score of one hundred. The flag is set to 30 minutes after the flag is opened.
IV. Battlefield strategy
After entering the battlefield as a command, quickly restore the team group, mark the profession to be marked on the opposite side (usually the nurse), and then all the people will join each other, do not stand alone and stand in the middle of the stage without a teammate's arrival.
After most people arrive at the stage, they will put the gas field in the middle of the venue, and can direct the Tibetan sword to trigger a wave of windmills, if the other party is killed, the sword can simply insert the sun and moon at the entrance of the other party's table.
In the Cloud Lake battlefield, if there are more nurses (up to five or more) on the opposite side, the DPS of the other side is preferentially activated. If there are fewer nurses on the other side, then, he directs the hacker to harass the other nurse, such as Jian Chun.
Other DPS commands can be used to set a small number with less blood on the opposite side of the fire, or some dangerous occupation snails, Chunyang, Wanhua, etc. The command should not fight freely, and the command must be optimistic about the target party's DPS or nurse's blood to direct our DPS to fire and kill.
After the flag comes out, you can let the Tibetan sword open the cloud, and the cangyundun nurse will open the flag in other ways.
If the combat power is crushed, you can easily win the battlefield. This battlefield focuses on classification, and the profession can gain great advantages. Nothing else can be noticed.


All right, the above information is all the details that I have shared with the players in this game of jiannet 3, including the personal battlefield command experience of ten people on the cloud Lake battlefield, players now see that we are very clear about it. I hope the content shared above can help you.

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