3. How to release the device memory

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3. How to release the device memory

Every time you have a good time in the park with your family, the child is doing something very cute. You can pull out your cell phone and start recording ...... The mobile phone displays "insufficient space ". A full smartphone or tablet can't take photos, download music, add new apps, or even update the system, or download security patches. You need to release the storage space quickly. I can teach you to free up the mobile phone space without losing any important information.
Uninstall an app

Through mobile phones or tablet apps, we can do more meaningful and magical things. There are a lot of awesome apps on my interface, from gaming to security apps, to image editors, but they will consume your phone's memory space before you realize it. You do not need to download any of the latest popular game applications or three reminder software. You can click Settings> General> usage> Manage storage space in the iOS 8 system for space management. In ios7 and earlier systems, click Settings> General> usage. On the page, you will see the apps downloaded by your mobile phone and the memory occupied by them. After reading the list, you can make a wise decision to reduce the weight of your applications. To delete an application, click the application name. Click "delete application" on the next page ". If your mobile phone uses Android, go to Settings> application (Settings> System Application Management. Move the screen to the left to go to the download tab. You can see all downloaded apps and memory occupied by them. Click the name and then click "Uninstall" to delete the apps. Hurry up and delete all the apps you don't need. Then, check out the largest app on your phone and think about whether you need it or not.

If your mobile phone uses the Android system, you can click Settings> storage space to learn how much space you actually have is available and usage items, such as apps, photos, videos, and downloaded files. Click category to display the android interface. Therefore, click "App" and you will see the application management interface. Click "image" to go to the photo storage application.

In Microsoft Windows OS 8, you can see the App list by sliding from the Start Screen to the left. Long press the application software, and then click "Uninstall" and "yes". The App will be deleted.

Manage photos and videos

Smart phones make it easier to take photos. Just a dozen photos can be taken when you are traveling with your family, gathering friends, or interesting scenes you happen to see outside. It's no wonder that there is no memory for the phone every few days in a year.

Check whether the camera software on your mobile phone has any photos taken accidentally, such as the floor, the sky, or the door. Let's see if you have sent most of the photos to social media?

You can transfer and manage photos and videos to release memory space, upload them to your home computer, or use iPhoto, Dropbox, and Picasa programs for online storage. Android users can also connect devices and computers, drag files directly into the computer, and then delete files on the device.

Playing music and movies with streaming media

You will not only use a camera to take pictures, but also take videos. Dozens of short videos taken for one minute at birthday banquets and other celebrations will occupy your GB of storage space. You will definitely want to transfer them to your computer to save some space for your cell phone. You can also upload them to a cloud storage space such as Dropbox or Google Drive, or upload them to the video sharing area of YouTube. If you don't want others to see it, mark it as private, so that only authorized people can see it.

Smartphones or tablets are actually very good multimedia devices that can play music and movies, but these will occupy a considerable amount of memory. Instead of running all media libraries on the device, consider using the cloud streaming media service.

For iphone and ipad, Apple's iTunes system can store the entire music library on the cloud and stream the songs you want to listen. Of course, it charges $25 a year, but it is much more cost-effective than spending hundreds of dollars to buy a device with larger memory. After all, the device memory will always be full one day.

Google music player is another choice. This service can store the entire music library, including the songs in ITunes, and play the songs you want to listen to in streaming media anytime. The only thing that occupies mobile phone memory is Google's music player software, with no space for songs or albums. You can also subscribe to new songs and movies.

Of course, this is not the only way to use streaming media for playback without storage. [Click here to find more options for playing streaming media music and experience unlimited music libraries] (http://www.komando.com/tips/239685/listen-to-all-the-music-you-want-without-spending-a-fortune ).

Speaking of movies, five films occupy 15 GB of memory, or even more. The memory for many electronic devices or other things is 15 GB.

If you have bought movies in iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play before, you can use streaming media to Play movies through the mobile clients of these applications. Don't forget to use Netflix, Hulu to continuously play movies and use their apps [more services available] (http://www.komando.com/apps/3858/6-best-apps-to-stream-tv-shows-to-your-mobile-gadget)

In fact, you do not need to download a movie to a device unless you are traveling and cannot connect to wi-fi. Even on a trip, be sure to watch the VLC App that can play movie files ([iOS free]) (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?> Android
Or <a href = )). This application ensures that movies are played in the correct format, so that users can enjoy the ease of use.

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