3 Introduction to the "Men" of Linux

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Daily sentence: Brother Ma your daily sentence!!! Decisive move out of the motto: Bao Jianfeng from sharpening out, plum blossom from bitter cold (=.=!)

    • Internal command

      • The so-called internal command, which is the command that comes with the bash environment, can be queried by type command

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    • Internal commands can be viewed with help command

      • []: Brackets indicate that the contents of parentheses are optional

      • <>: angle brackets are indicated as must have content

      • !: An exclamation mark indicates that two is selected

      • ... : ellipses indicate that homogeneous content can have multiple

External command: It has a corresponding executable program, and many in the/bin directory

    • COMMAND--help

      • Short Help available

"Men man": manual most manuals in the/usr/share/bin directory

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    • How to use: Man # COMMAND

    • Chapter: 1-9,

      • 1: User command

      • 2: System call

      • 3: library Call

      • 4: Device files

      • 5: Configuration file

      • 6: Game

      • 7: Miscellaneous

      • 8: Management Commands

      • 9: Do not care (=.=!)

    • Whatis KEYWORD Displays the chapters and brief information about your keywords

    • Man-k KEYWORD Unlike the previous command, the command is a fuzzy match

    • Shortcut command:

      • !#: Execute the # command in the command history

      • !! : Executes the last command executed

      • ! String: Executes the last command using string

      • esc+ '. ' : Call last parameter of last command

      • !$: Last option of last command

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3 Introduction to the "Men" of Linux

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