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A lot of people may have had this experience: in the computer room use of computers, the screen suddenly pop up a message window, you startled! These message windows are usually sent by the computer room or the company's network management, the purpose is mostly to the user to announce some important matters, such as the notification class, or the computer room is about to close news. Do you want to know how to post these messages? This article can tell you! In fact, it is not difficult to send such a message, you can use the following three ways:

One, using the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) to send messages

There is a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) in Windows XP that lets you send messages to each computer in your workgroup or domain, and messages you send will be displayed on the other's desktop, 9877 so that the network manager broadcasts messages to all users. Here's how to send a message using MMC:

In Windows XP, click menu Start/Settings/Control Panel, click Administrative Tools (Administrative Tools) in the Dashboard, double-click Computer Management (Computer Management), and in the Computer Management window, tap action menu, select "All Tasks"/Send console messages, then in the popup window, enter the message to be sent, press the "Add" button, select the computer to receive the message, and then press the "Send" button. After you send the message, the home of the system will be displayed in the Messenger Service (Message services) box on the other desktop.

If the person is not in the recipient list, you can click the Add button to create a new computer, and then the Select Computer dialog box appears, where you select the workgroup or domain you want to access, click the appropriate calculation name, and add them to the recipient list.

Tip: Only you have administrative rights on the local computer to access the Microsoft Management Console (MMC), use MMC to send messages, and if the current account does not have administrative rights, please re-login to the Windows system with an administrator account, the above tips have been in Windows XP Test succeeded on professional.

Ii. using the net SEND command to send messages

A command net send that sends a network message is available in Windows xp/2000, which can also send a message to the LAN/WAN, noting that it cannot cross the network segment! The command format is: NET send computer name/IP Address "message content".

For example: To give the IP address of computer, send "5 minutes to close the server off" this message, you can do this: Click the menu "Start"/program/Accessories/Command prompt, type the following command:

NET send "5 minutes to get off the server."

Wait a moment, computer desktop will pop up a window titled "Messenger Service", which displays the message you sent.

Tip: If the other person closes the Messenger service, this message will not be displayed. If you do not want to receive this type of message, you can also click the menu "Start"/settings/Control Panel/management tools/services to turn off the "Messenger Service" in the service, if you want to start the Messenger service, you can operate in the service. Of course, you can also use the following command to start or disable the Messenger service:

NET Stopmessenger stop messenger service;

NET Startmessenger start Messenger Service

Iii. using the software net send GUI to send messages

The above method sends the message, actually uses the Microsoft Windows Messenger Service, uses the blunt instruction to send the information actually not to be easy, besides must remember the instruction to choose the information broadcast scope, the use is really a bit uncomfortable. If the company's MIS personnel, sometimes to broadcast the object may be only one department or floor, then the choice of scope is more difficult, this time, the Net send GUI software comes in handy, use it to send messages easy XP system download.

NET send GUI small files

The Net send GUI is a free gadget that allows you to send messages on a graphical interface, making it easier for you to operate by changing the inconvenience of using commands to send messages in the past. You can use the Net Send GUI to specify the range, the message, and even the scope to broadcast only one domain.

The Net Send GUI is a green software that requires no installation and only one screen after running. If you want to broadcast a message to all computers in the current domain, you can tick "this domin" and if you want to specify a broadcast specific domain, tick "specific Domin" and enter the name of the domain in the Domin name field and enter the information you want to broadcast in the message.

If you want to send a message to a computer with an IP address, you should not tick "this domin" and "Specific Domin", enter the computer's IP in the "message to" field, and then enter the information to be broadcast in the message and send it by pressing the "Send" button.

In addition, the Net Send GUI is not just a message broadcaster, it can also provide the detection function (ping), click the "Ping" button, can help network managers to confirm which computers have not been shut down, convenient management of network administrators.

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