30-day agile results (24): restore your energy

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"Life is not about how fast you run, or how high you climb, but how well you bounce ."-Anonymous

 "Life is not about how fast you are running, how high you are crawling, but about how well you restore your strength and energy ."

Your results: Learn to restore strength and energy from multiple sources of thinking, body, emotion, and mind


In30-day agile results: OpeningSpeaking of the following, we will conduct agile results exercises. The previous article learned 23: design your week, design heat maps and constraints. Today we will perform the 24th day of getting result exercises: recover your energy (day 24-bounce back with skill ). Recovery can help us stand up from setbacks, refuel ourselves, and make ourselves angry. Remember, life is not how many times you fall down, but how many times you get up.

Main principles for restoring energy
    1. What kind of life do you want to live?
    2. Find multiple sources of your strength and energy
    3. Invest the right energy to create more energy
    4. Know the ups and downs of things
    5. Control your expectations
4 × 4 sources of strength

Quantity, quality, focus, and strength of energy

When you know where your energy comes from, you can better enlarge your energy. You can simply think about it as follows:The body is the number, the emotion is the quality, the thinking is the focus, and the mind is the power

Your energy is your combination of thinking, body, emotion, and mind. Instead of doing nothing, you can do something that can improve your experience. For example, you can spend more time on your advantages or do more things you like. Sometimes the most effective recovery method may be to give yourself a vacation, spend your shift time; or reduce your expectations, and give yourself time and space to recover.

    1. Start action
    2. Play like a child and go to bed like a child
    3. Avoid high blood sugar
    4. Eat more coarse grains
    5. More meals
    6. Observe your biological clock
    1. Thinking serves you, and your thinking will create energy for you.
    2. Let you do what you really want to do
    3. Cultivate your compassion
    4. Believe in yourself
    5. Find out why your personal management: Use why to change our results
    6. Balance your relationships
    1. Focus on the things you can control, and ignore other things.
    2. Like a rubber band, it can be easily restored
    3. Set limits
    4. Ask yourself, "What kind of life do you want to live ?"
    5. Turn resistance into a source of progress
    6. Improve Self-conversation
    7. Change your faith
    8. Change your attention
    9. Change your status
    10. Know how to make yourself excited
    1. Create a big vision for yourself
    2. What you like
    3. Consistent with your values
    4. Edification of some literature and music
Stories, metaphor, proverbs, and songs

You can use stories, metaphors, sayings, and songs to motivate yourself and restore yourself faster. Here are some examples of metaphor:

    • It's okay to drop the horse and return to the saddle.
    • I rock solid
    • I can reply quickly like a plastic ball
    • I think spring is the same, with the rhythm of bounce

Here we recommend it againStrongly recommended: good books, good people, good sayings

I prefer to design or write some of my own content, which makes it easier to stimulate myself. For example:

    • If you do not do your job well, it may not be suitable for this job, or it is not suitable for any work (ability and Attitude problems)
    • Learn anytime, anywhere and make progress everywhere
    • Personal Management: Clutch relaxation and shift time
What we want to do today
    1. Find a metaphor to help you recover in your life
    2. Find a song or a slang to influence you, or design it yourself.Personal Management: one sentence that inspires you


0: Start

1: overall understanding of the agile getting result Method

2: drive your week with three stories

3: drive your day with three stories

4: give up some things

5: Use a heat map to identify important events

6: Review on Friday and find three things that need to be improved.

7. Set the Boundary Value and buffer.

8: Clear the brain and release pressure

9: You must, should, and can determine the priority of daily events.

10: give full play to your advantages

11: High Performance and slow life

12: Efficiency role-are you the starter or the completer?

13: how to put things into action

14: Important

15: Put yourself in peace

16: use metaphor to motivate yourself

17: find efficient time and use it to handle important things

18: Increase the creative time for every week

19: Who are you working?

20: Good questions can produce good results.

21: Positive failures, lessons learned, and improvement results

22: design your day

23: design your week



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Agile personal journal: http://kan.weibo.com/kan/3483302195814612


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