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"Work expands so as to fill thetime available for its completion."-Parkinson's Law

"Expand the work to fill in the existing time to complete it."-Parkinson's Law


Your gains:Learn how to master time management, establish effective time limits, and digest these things as much as possible within the time limits. Your ability to use time boxes and time budgets will help you manage your energy, free up time, and do more things to achieve a balance between work and life.


Welcome to the success of minjie within 30 days.25Days,24DaysWe learned how to restore your energy and learn the four sources of our energy (mind, body, emotion, and spirit .) Today, the only most effective way to learnMaster Time Management. This is the art of time boxes. A time box is a simple way to manage time. Just like a budget, you can choose how much time you spend on something. This is how you avoid wasting "good time", avoiding low returns, or spending 20 yuan on 5 yuan.


If you are a drag-and-drop person, or if something you don't want to do takes up all the time, or you either have an invalid idea or analyze it with numbness, or if you discover that you are always missing opportunities, the following things will help you get a more effective method.


Fixed time, flexible range

One of the best ways to manage time I know isFixed time, flexible range. Pre-fix and assign a certain period of time for some tasks, and then do as much as possible during the allocation time. The opposite way is to keep simple work until the body is broken.Fixed Range, loose time. Basically, you have been spending time on the problem before you decide it's over. This mode has the following problems:

  1. You no longer benefit from time
  2. You cannot seize the opportunity
  3. You may not be able to predict the end of the event, so exhausted.
  4. You can no longer invest time (the time is full)
  5. You finally end with a "range spread" because you constantly move the timeline so that you are moving farther and farther away from the target.
3 A simple step on the time box 

Here are three key steps for creating a valid time box:

  • The1Step. Determine candidate zones for the time box.
  • The2Step. Determine your target. 
  • The3Step. Determine the appropriate time frame. 

The time box is determined to a large extent in step 1. You can increase or decrease your time box depending on whether you just want to create a timer, display the results, or just make progress on a problem.


10 For fixed time and flexible scope.

Here are some ways to think about and bend the fixed time range:

  1. 3x3 system...
  2. Catch the next train. For example, if you miss one of your stories, you can add it to the task, but only when it is your next most worthwhile task.
  3. "How long is it appropriate?
  4. "How long have you actually spent it ?"
  5. Imagine your work time in the form of "Container". For example, you may have a 30-minute container, two hours, one day or one week ..., Until the container has enough space.
  6. Set time and place for the event. Simple time management helps you find peace of mind. For example, on Sunday morning, we specially prepare some time for creative work. If you miss it, you may not feel better.
  7. Set a reminder for your time
  8. Try to think in the "good enough now" way and regard it as a perfect "Journey", rather than a "destination ".
  9. Set the version for your work. Your first version may not be as good as the second, third, or fourth version, but you need to use it to share or improve your time. For example, you can use Alpha, beta, or version 1, version 2, etc.
  10. To ensure a scalable range. For example, a meaningful one-year story is much larger than a one-day story.


Today's task

  1. Select an activity that takes up more time and set a time limit for it.
  2. Select one thing that you have extended for a long time and create a time box.

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