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This article brings together 30 excellent open-source CMS website construction systems developed using PHP. The following lists are in no particular order. 

1. AdaptCMS

AdaptCMS Lite is an open-source CMS system that features ease of use and can be easily connected to other systems. It provides a simple way to expand and customize your system, and a simple and powerful template system, and more useful functions.

2. OneCMS

OneCMS is a content management system suitable for managing games. It can easily manage content and games on the site through some of its own functions, such as additional forum software, custom regions, and custom categories.

3. Pluck

PluckIs a small and simple content management system developed using PHP. With Pluck, you can easily manage your website without any programming knowledge.

Pluck focuses on ease of use, especially for small websites.

4. KaiBB

KaiBB is a free and open-source announcement board system developed using object-oriented PHP technology. Easy to install. Adequate functions.

5. 11in1

This is a CMS system developed using PHP and MySQL. it helps you manage personal blogs and post on social networking websites.

6. Active CMS

Active CMS is a very simple content management system, mainly used for personal websites. Developed using OOP PHP5/MySQL and jQuery/Ajax, the management interface is lightweight and easy to use.


Alpha cms is a CMS content management system developed using PHP based on the Smarty framework and MySQL database.

8. Anantasoft Gazelle

Gazelle CMS can be an advanced blog system or a simple CMS system.

9. Apprain

AppRain is a content management system that perfectly combines CMS and Framework concepts. appRain has two versions: the quick start version includes all functions and some content samples. The Core version is a new blank version without any instances.

10. ArticleSetup

ArticleSetup is a powerful, flexible, and surprisingly simple Web software that can be used to manage your article directory website. The system is easy to use, customizable, and powerful.

11. Automne

Automne is a free, open-source CMS system developed with PHP. it can be used to create friendly and easy-to-use websites.

12. Bigace

BIGACE is a web content management system (CMS) developed with PHP and MySQL ). This is a multi-site, multi-language, and multi-user network content management system. its key points are ease of use, fast speed, flexibility, and ease of installation. it supports workflows, permission management, templates, and so on, its powerful background gives you full control over website layout, services, and webpage content.

13. bitweaver

Bitweaver is a highly modular content management system. It has rich functions (such as document management, Wiki, Blog, image management, calendar, and user management), true open source, community-driven, and object-oriented features. Bitweaver uses the Smarty template and ADOdb to support a variety of databases, including ipvssql, Firebird, Oracle, and MySQL.

14. Centurion

Centurion is a new open-source CMS, a flexible PHP5 Content Management Framework. with Zend Framework, its components adhere to general, simple, clear, and reusable design principles.

15. chillyCMS

Chilly CMS is a content management system developed by PHP. it basically does not use any other frameworks, extension libraries or templates. this is pure. In addition, it is implemented using the new PHP and MYSQL versions.

16. CitusCMS

CitusCMS ist ein schnelles, flexibles und benutzersourdliches Open Source Content-Management-System.

17. ClanSphere

ClanSphere is an advanced Web CMS for clan and e-sport related pages. it features module management, switching of templates, theme sets, ages and contains over 50 modules from start on. it supports a wide range of PHP versions and database drivers.

18. CMS Made Simple

CMS Made Simple is an easy-to-use content management system for websites with Simple and stable content. Use PHP, MySQL, and Smarty template engine for development. It has a role-based permission management system, a Smart Cache mechanism (only available from the database when needed), and a wizard-based installation and update mechanism that consumes less system resources, it also includes file management, news publishing, and RSS modules.

19. conceptcms

Conceptcms is a PHP and MySQL-based, scalable and very flexible Content Management System: multi-language, WYSIWYG editor, media library, yaml css framework fully supported, modules to enhance base functionality, templates.

20. concrete5

Concrete5 is a brand new content management software (cms ). I tried their demo site. The most surprising thing is that you can edit and typeset directly on the page! Instead of wordpress, you need to control the template or enter the editor to edit the text.

21. Contao

Contao is a CMS website construction system developed using PHP, with high security and good search. it is accessible to the disabled, allows you to easily set user permissions, update services online, and advanced CSS frameworks, as well as basic modules such as calendars, news, and forms.

22. coscms

CosCms is a modular CMS with code/interface separation. it can be used to build simple websites.

Features of CosCms:

  • Small memory usage (2 MB memory enough)
  • Page module and Shell module
  • The data management system is very simple
  • Load modules as needed
  • Can be installed from shell
  • Easy-to-understand template engine
  • Only 100KB (including all core modules and shell modules)
  • Singleton mode

23. Cotonti

Cotonti has a very happy design module, so it is very easy for you to customize your own modules, so this CMS can be used as a framework (CMF) for your own release system ), continue development based on this framework.

24. deV! L 'Z Clanportal

DZCP is a cms system for online gaming clans and communities.

25. Diem

Diem provides a user-friendly CMF content management framework based on Symfony.


Dita cmis Explorer™By DITALabs, is an Open Source web-based repository browser, which seamlessly integrates and extends existing content management systems to support DITA.

27. DornCMS

DornCMS is a CMS system that does not require any databases. DornCMS uses flat-file as data storage.

28. Drupal

Drupal is an open-source content management system (CMS) platform written in PHP. It is mainly used to construct dynamic websites that provide a variety of functions and services, including user management, Publishing Workflow, discussion, NewsAggregation, and Metadata) operation and XML release for content sharing. Drupal has an excellent modular structure and provides many modules, including short messages, personalized bookmarks, website management, blogs, diaries, e-commerce, e-publishing, message books, jobs, online cinemas, forums, and voting modules. In addition, it is very convenient to download, install, and customize the Drupal module.

The following is an example of website creation.

29. Dubsite

Dubsite is a minimalistic and powerful CMS built upon the Zend Framework. the default installation provided des basic plugins to create Articles, Webforms, Menus and other. it allows you to manage personal or business websites and portals.

30. Dynamix

Exsense Dynamix is a CMS for create and manage web sites very easy. exsense Dynamix implemented in two sections: Dynamix CMS and Dynamix Admin. by Exsense Dynamix you can achieve a web site and manage it from desktop environment by rich desktop software.

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