30-Salary Senior Python developer tells you why you should learn python!

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There are a lot of places where python can be used. From entry-level white to professional-grade big guy, data mining, scientific computing, image processing, artificial intelligence, Python can do it.

Perhaps because of this universal attribute, there are now many small partners who are starting to learn Python.

Now the popularity of Python has come to the programmer's circle, entered the xxx "new generation of AI development planning notice."

Python has also entered the elementary school curriculum, in fact, is not a pupil, for your own development prospects, perhaps I am the most to learn Python.

1. Where are python used?

Since the creation of Python by Guido van Rossum at the end of 1989, there have been thousands of websites and software projects based on this technology.

Because of its uniqueness, Python has made it stand out in a variety of programming languages and has a large number of programmers around the world who support it.

What are the advantages of Python?

Simple, free, compatible, object-oriented, function library

Where do I use the Python language?

WEB Program Development
Desktop program Development
Scientific calculations
Image processing
Artificial intelligence
And so on and all the other directions Python is capable of.

Python's code is straightforward for some people who haven't written code in the future.

It is for this reason that Python is friendly to small whites compared to other languages.

There are programs written in Python that are maintainable and, from a business standpoint, can significantly reduce development costs while increasing programmer productivity.

Python compared to other languages (here we compare with PHP)

Python vs PHP

From a development point of view, PHP is a web-oriented language.

A PHP application is more like a separate set of scripts, and maybe even a single semantic entry point.

Accordingly, Python is a multi-purpose language that can also be used for WEB development.

A Python-based WEB application is a mature application that is loaded into memory with its internal state, from query to request.

Web development comparison between Python and PHP

1, the popularity of

Now, to be in line with trends or currents,

Some customers and product owners want to use only the most popular and popular technologies in their projects

In this case, if only to develop but regardless of the technical direction, it is likely that the end result is no customer and work.

Other words

Before you learn anything, make sure that the things you want to learn are in line with the trends over the next 1, 5, or 10 years.

PHP and Python are among the most popular programming languages in the world, and there's no need to worry.

PHP is used to build many giants such as Wikipedia, Yahoo, WordPress, Friendster, MailChimp, and Flickr.
Python is used to build YouTube, Instagram, Desktop Dropbox, Reddit, BitBucket, Quora, Spotify, Pinterest, Facebook's internal services, and paypal!
2. Architecture

Tools are also important when you choose a technology.

It defines the simplicity and convenience of your work.

If a technology provides multiple tools for different tasks, programmers can be confident that he doesn't have to do everything from scratch.

The most popular PHP frameworks are Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Yii 1 and 2, Phalcon, and so on.

These tools can help you create powerful and uncluttered applications.

Python, however, cannot boast of having so many frameworks, most of which are Django and Flask.

But we can assure you that

As the Python community continues to evolve, this situation is difficult to change quickly.

3. Learning

This is usually the first question that every one wants to learn from a programmer to figure out

The easier the learning process, the quicker they can start working and earning money.

Of course, the winner of this category is Python, whose syntax is simpler and easier to learn.

PHP requires more time and effort to master, and Python allows you to make almost no mistakes without code interruption.

So Python makes it more confident for beginners to continue learning.

From the perspective of small white/novice, if you want to choose a simpler and more flexible programming language, then Python is the most ideal

Python allows you to create secure applications, and PHP needs additional tools for this purpose, and PHP is created specifically for WEB development and is used more in this area.

Which is better for Java and Python?

Some developers claim that Python is more productive than Java, but it should be explained first: what is the difference between Python and Java?

Java is a typical programming language, which means that the variable name must display a declaration.

Compared with

We have a dynamic type of Python, which does not need to declare variables, there is a lot of controversy about the dynamic and static types of programming languages.

Note, however, that such a feature:

Python is a language with a variety of simple syntax. This makes Python widely used in many fields to write scripts, quickly develop applications, and so on.

Java supports cross-platform applications, and Python is compatible with almost all modern operating systems.

Java is much more complex for beginners than Python, and reading Python code is easier than reading Java code.

If you want your code to be executed anywhere, the other advantage of choosing Java;java is the ability to build Web-based applications.

Java is much more complex than Python. If you don't have a technical background, it's a tough process to learn Java.

The Other Side

Java can be used in different environments, if this feature is what you need, then you choose Java Bar.

What is the future of Python?

The following data from the Zhaopin, see the net, Pull Hook network, HRM, Chinahr and other recruitment site data display

As the Python language continues to hot

The need for technical talent for Python is also increasing – daily demand is even up to 15000 +

The demand for a number of first-tier cities such as North Canton and Shenzhen is huge.

In terms of salary, Python is not disappointing either.

By analyzing 12,809 sample data from all over the country, we can find

The National Python Engineer's average monthly capital can reach 19160 yuan,

The number of 20-30k engineers is more than 40%.

Although salary standards vary slightly in major cities

But it does send a message that if you want millions of dollars a year, get rich overnight, and succeed in the pinnacle of life,

Compare old languages like Java, C, C + +

Python is a great attempt.

(Do you want to marry Formica beauty?) Do you want to be the CEO? Do you want to get rich overnight? Come and learn python.

Cobwebs, in-depth interpretation of Python language

Judging from the above data:

If you can only learn one language, there is no other choice but Python.

Whether for beginners or developers with other programming experience


Python is indeed an exciting and powerful language. Python's just-right combination of performance and features makes programming with Python fun and easy.

This is my collection of Python learning materials, there are a lot of me not one, need the attention of the information forwarded. Add my QQ group: "836962007" can be obtained, of course, also welcome to communicate with me. We learn together to grow together.

30-Salary Senior Python developer tells you why you should learn python!

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