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Today's special day of 5.12 ......

3 years ...... Maybe only time can wipe out their pain! For me, three years have also been spent in this city.

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Why is it possible to take two chances at the age of 20 to 30, but many people are at home at the age of 30 to 40, because the age of 30 is very important! Li Ka-shing, Gates, and Yang Yuanqing captured the turning point in their life at the age of 30. What life plans have you made at the age of 30? This is a question worth thinking about.

1. Set goals in life

If a ship has no sailing target, the wind in any direction is against the wind.
1. Why are you poor? The first point is that you have not set a goal of becoming a rich man.
2. What are your core goals in your life? The fundamental difference between an outstanding person and a mediocre person is not talent or opportunity, but whether there is a goal or not.
3. Start from the beginning and take the lead in life: Success begins with the selection of the target.
4. Jenkins-style people will never succeed. Why did most people fail? There are only 5% of people who can really complete their plans. Most people do not discard their own goals, or fall into a fantasy of lack of action.
5. If you want to succeed before the age of 30, you must establish your goals in your life between the ages of 25 and 30.
6. Ask yourself every day, every month, or every year if I have achieved my goal.
2: Two success Points
stand up, adjust your mind, and make a sprint. You are successful before the age of 30.
(1) Positioning in life
1. People are afraid of entering the wrong line: What is your core competitiveness?
2. Find ways for the winners and find excuses for the losers.
3. Select your favorite from row three hundred and sixty. Everyone can start a business, but not everyone can start a business successfully.
4. Find your own gold treasure.
(2) eternal truth: the mentality determines fate. The mentality before the age of 30 determines the fate of your life.
1. People who are not satisfied with the status quo can become rich people.
2. Dare to dream and dare to dream. This world will always be a dream chaser.
3. Do not be afraid before the age of 30. do not regret it after the age of 30.
4. If you are from a poor person, you are not from a poor person for the rest of your life. Most successful Chinese people come from small places.
5. Be an active thinker.
6. Do not defeat yourself. Some people are one thousand times richer than you. Will they be one thousand times smarter than you? No, they are one thousand times more angry than you when you are young. The failure of life is not lost to others, but to the pessimistic oneself.
7. The winners just climbed up once more than they fell down.
8. You 'd rather hit the wall than at home. Overcome your failure and negative mentality.
(1) find a place to have a drink.
(2) Find a disco and dance.
(3) seek help from your friends.
(4) take positive actions.
3: Three Tips
1. Management Time: where your time is, and where your achievements are. People who think of an hour as 60 minutes are 60 times more than people who think of it as an hour.
2. If you do not manage your finances, you will not be charged for money.
3. Self-management, easy to use.
(1) start a business without fear of being small, so the brain must be good.
(2) You can buy a special store.
(3) do business that others do not want to do.

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