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Ant in the wheat field recommends 30 types of network services and software tools for downloading YouTube videos, so that you can easily download your favorite YouTube videos to your computer, this includes online download tools, software applications, and browser plug-ins.

Download YouTube videos online

1. clipnabber

Clipnabber can download videos from almost all video sites including YouTube, including Youku and Tudou. You only need to copy the URL of the video you want to download and click "Nab video" to download the video and rename the file in the format of FLV. In addition, clipnabber provides convenient bookmarks for downloading videos. <Recommendation>

2. zamzar

Zamzar allows you to download YouTube videos and convert videos into images, zip files, image files, and document files. In addition, you can convert files stored on your local computer or network into other formats and send them to your mailbox. The file size is limited to 100 MB. <Recommendation>

3. mediaconverter

In addition to downloading videos, mediaconverter is also an excellent multimedia file conversion service. Mediaconverter supports almost all mainstream multimedia files, and supports two conversion methods: online and offline. Registration is required. <Recommendation>

4. videodownloader

Videodownloader provides two video download Methods: copy the video URL and install the Firefox plug-in. When watching the video in Firefox, click the Download button to save the video. Many video websites support download. <Recommendation>

5. mooflair

Mooflair is a desktop client application built based on Adobe AIR technology. It provides online viewing and Management of video content on popular video sharing websites, you can also download these videos for offline viewing. Currently, this software supports video websites such as YouTube, bliptv, Dailymotion, metacafe, 5 min life videopedia, livevideo, and spikedhumour. <Recommendation>

6. downthisvideo

In addition to copying the video URL and downloading the video through convenient bookmarks, you can also find some interesting videos by tag of popular videos. In addition, you can install a wpvideo plug-in your blog so that your readers can download the YouTube video you shared in the log.

7. FLV downloader

FLV downloader is a service dedicated to video conversion and download from a third-party website. It supports a total of 124 websites, including most familiar and unfamiliar video sites at home and abroad. The interface supports multiple languages.

8. converttube

Converttube can convert videos in FLV format from a YouTube website to mpg, mov, 3GP, FLV, MP3, and MP4 formats online and provide download without registration, it only takes 10 minutes for two conversions.

9. vixy

You can select the video output format before downloading, including Avi, mov, MP4, 3GP, and MP3 (only audio ).

10. kcoolonline

Supports downloading videos from more than two hundred video websites.

11. Download YouTube videos

Just as its name provides the YouTube video download service, the download video format is FLV, which has simple functions.

12. keepvid

The interface and functions are very simple YouTube video download services, except that the download box is a list of popular videos. Provides quick bookmarks for downloading videos.

13. videoronk

Provides video search and download services, including YouTube, Google, blip. TV, and other websites. Provides specialized extension plug-ins for IE7 and ff.

14. extractyoutube

Extractyoutube is a website that provides video search, online viewing, and download services for YouTube. The downloaded video is in the FLV format.

15. vidmetro

The world's largest and fastest video download website for youtbubep allows you to easily download YouTube videos. however, it also supports video downloads from other websites, including Dailymotion, metacafe, MySpace videos, YouPorn, Google Video, bofunk, and ifilm.

16. youtubia

Provides video search and download services for YouTube.

17. vidgrab

Vidgrab also provides YouTube video search and download services, as well as the most popular video rankings. You can click the Download button to download the video displayed on the homepage.

18. Download and save YouTube videos

You can use a proxy server to download video files from YouTube. This means that access to the YouTube website is blocked in your workplace or in your country, you can still download videos from the YouTube website.

Software Applications

Mac Application

19. tooble

Tooble is a free Mac app that allows you to quickly download videos from YouTube and transfer them to your iPod or iPhone. This application is directly connected to YouTube. You only need to enter the video link of YouTube. tooble will automatically download the video and convert and input it to your iTunes.

20. Get Tube

Get tube is a Mac OS X system application that allows you to download video or audio files from multiple websites, such as YouTube, Dailymotion, and kewego.

21. flvplay

Flvplay is an Adobe AIR-based software that allows you to easily search for YouTube videos and play or download them directly.

Windows application drag and drop


22. leawo YouTube download

Leawo YouTube download is a video that can sniff all video websites that are currently playing on the webpage and can be automatically downloaded locally. It supports drag-and-drop download of FLV videos from all YouTube sites around the world.

: Http://www.leawo.com/youtube-download/

23. vdownloader

Vdownloader is a desktop application that captures links to video files on YouTube, Google Video, and grinvi from your system. You only need to enable it, copy the link address of the video file, and then click Download. It automatically converts these video files to the MPEG or AVI format.

24. YouTube Grabber

YouTube Grabber is a tool that can download video files from the YouTube website in. FLV format. You only need to copy and paste the link address of the corresponding video file to this program, and then click the "grab (grab)" button, the video file will be automatically downloaded to the installation directory of the YouTube grabber program.

25. Orbit Downloader

Orbit Downloader is a desktop application that can download video files from many websites. The entire download process is very simple. You only need to move your mouse over the corresponding video, and you will see a marked "Save it? (Get it ?)" . Orbit Downloader developers claim that the download speed is very fast (they say that Orbit Downloader can download up to 500% of the original download speed ), because it uses the most advanced P2P download technology.

26. My video downloader

After reading so many excellent free tools, we can still see a paid commercial software, which makes us very funny. This software is called my video downloader, although it looks solid, it also provides many conversion functions (its free beta version will allow you to download a total of 10 video files ), we do not believe that the functions provided by the product can afford the price tag attached above.

27. keepv

Keepv is a desktop download tool and a multimedia file format conversion tool. It can convert downloaded video files from the FLV format to other formats such as Avi, mov, MP4, and 3GP.

28. videoget

Videoget can download video files from more than 100 video sharing websites. Although we haven't tested every website, it doesn't seem to boast much of the results we have tested. Videoget is a desktop application with beautiful and concise user interfaces, and it provides ample functional options.

29. tubesucker

Tubesucker is a desktop YouTube video download tool that provides some interesting functions, including Batch download of a large number of video files from a user. See the video introduction provided on its official website.

Linux applications

30. YouTube-DL

This is a favorite of Linux users. YouTube-DL is a program that allows you to download videos from the YouTube website in FLV file format, and it can be conveniently installed on popular mplayer and vlc multimedia players.

Browser plugin

31. vidtaker

Vidtaker is a Firefox browser plug-in that can download video files from most streaming video websites, including Google Video, YouTube, MySpace, and some obscene adult video sharing sites (pornotube, YouPorn, etc ). It can also automatically convert these video files to the DivX AVI file format.

32. ook? Video ook!

Ook? Video ook! This allows you to download video files from YouTube and several other video sharing websites. It provides an excellent one-click Download function and is well integrated with the popular downthemall Firefox plug-in.



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