30 things you don't need to care about before you are 30 years old

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1. Give up
The opposite is giving up. If you choose an opportunity, you give up all other possibilities. New opportunities
In front of me, dare to give up everything we have gained. This is not a loss, it is not a half-done thing, it is
Or do nothing, just because you like it, because young people are the biggest
Opportunity. People, only before the age of thirty will have this guts, have this other capital, have this qualification.
2. Lost in love
Don't care, don't care. What I was afraid of losing before I was thirty years old was not what I had but a dream. Love
If it's just a process, it's exactly what this age should have experienced. If you want to accept the result, after the age of thirty, you can
Be more competent and qualified. In fact, we had to do a lot of things before we were thirty years old. It was just a short time.
Indulge in the bed of a dry love, not at the pace of life of this age.
3. Divorce
It's not that you don't care about it. It's just that you have time. A 38-Year-Old girlfriend married her husband for fifteen years,
Finally broke up. She said: "If we don't want to divorce our children later, the first time he proposed a divorce, I didn't
I don't know why. If I break up early, my life will never be like today.
Now we can start over again, and we always feel that everything is too late. "
4 wandering
Wandering is not an unfortunate thing, but a qualification. While there is no room drag, while the health, when not floating
Float? Of course, drifting is not necessarily a body, maybe just a fantasy or a dream. Fashion leaders in the New Century,
The only thing that does not float is the heart.
5. Unemployed
A taste of unemployment before the age of thirty is of course unfortunate, but not necessarily a bad thing. Before the age of thirty
It may be the greatest misfortune to end your life in a career. Unemployment may remind you of a long history
The dream may awaken the potential that you never know. Maybe you have no dreams.
It will also force you to dream.
6. Fashion
Do not catch up with fashion. Young people should be the most fashionable, but independent thinking and personalized life are more important. In this
In material Society, the pursuit of fashion has already become the pursuit of money. Today, fashion is the same as fashion.
7 style
This is something of petty capital. The word "petty capital" is popular today, and the pursuit of style is their patent. Petty investors
There are four things to satisfy: Intelligence, literacy, self-confidence, and money. The style is to understand "noble" as wearing
Temperament, hobby taste and interior decoration. That is to say, the old and old will only show the vulgarity of conversation.
Their abilities are vulgar. The mainstream concept is not an alternative. The alternative concept has become the mainstream concept of young people.
Today, the old soil seems to be an alternative. The key is that today's society is an era of creative ideas, rather than sticking to it
The age of old ideas.
8 rating
The last sacrifice we should make is to change ourselves because of others' comments, because those who give your fingers
They do not know what rules they follow. Do not just follow the rules to do things. The rules are still being created,
It may be troublesome to do everything according to your own judgment.
9 naive
Don't be afraid of saying that we are childish. It means that you are still young and energetic. "Mature" is a scary word.
Attackers. Maturity and childishness are the largest, the least irresponsible, and the least useless generalization of a person. Those
No one will say they are naive. Believe it or not, when one day you are overwhelmed by life
People will say that you are mature, and you will know what maturity is.
10 not suitable
In a rock song, there is a saying: "This city has changed me and this city does not need me. "Do not blindly adapt
Your survival environment, because it is likely that the environment itself is no longer adapted to the development of this society.
11 failed
My teacher once told me that a person should lose his or her affection at least once, fail in his or her career, and choose
You can only grow up when you make one mistake. Do not say that failure is the mother of success. The sooner the failure comes, the better.
Ten-year-old, experienced failure after 40 years old, some things may be too late.
12 Error
This is a patent for young people.
13 thin
Every time you read the Titanic, you will have a tear. Every time you read the westward journey, you will not be able to smile,
Then someone will smile at you. In fact, it only means that your nerves are still very keen, even if it is very weak.
They will quickly make adaptive responses. When you feel dull, people will say you are deep.
14 stars
Do not care. Stars are a kind of consumer goods in the commodity society. They spent money, listened to songs, and watched electricity.
Movie, the good performance of the stars, but it is worth the money and is not worthy of worship? It's like spending five on the stalls.
Even if someone else buys a skirt for ten yuan, they guess it's worth eight hundred yuan. Is it worth the money? You worship this dress?
15 price
It is not worth the cost, but to understand that everything has to be done at a price. For people of our age, this is never
It's a nonsense. Otherwise, you will understand the price you have paid when you are thirty years old, but you do not understand
Do not know how much you get or what you get.
16 lonely
This is the price for freedom.
17 frustrated
Including emotional and career, maybe it's just that today I spent a lot of money and didn't buy anything.
You cannot insert a sentence on your own. If you care too much about the feeling of frustration, You can't tease yourself with fate, or take
Punish others for their mistakes.
18 Defects
Maybe you are short, maybe you are not good-looking, maybe your voice is like Donald Duck ...... So your advantage is that you do not
Will be delayed by the superficial highlights, less time, less bending, and direct discovery of your internal advantages
And directly tap into your deep potential.
19 misunderstanding
If the cause is malicious, the explanation is useless; otherwise, the explanation is not needed. Specifically speaking of "misunderstanding"
It's not because a person is more misunderstood before the age of thirty, but when the person of this age cannot think about it.
20 rumors
This is an infectious disease. Silence is the best vaccine. Unless you can find out the source of infection, the explanation will become a virus.
Ideal Conditions for dissemination.
21. Crazy
This is the best psychological adjustment for young people. It only shows that you are energetic and healthy. Saying you "crazy" is something of life
Depressed and frustrated middle-aged and elderly people maliciously think that they are like a machine that has been built for years and most need debugging,
It can only be fine-tuned, and an overhaul will make them completely scrapped.
22. Stability
If you care about a stable life before you are 30 years old, there are only two possibilities, either being in the middle of the road or being in the middle of the road.
23. Pressure
How much stress a middle-aged man can bear tests of his toughness. how much stress a young man can bear is his potential.
24 going abroad
It may be an opportunity or a trap. Unless you take this goal from the moment you take the university exam
The attitude of going abroad should be the same as the attitude towards love, striving for success or failure.
25 salary
As long as you work for a person, the salary is not high enough. So before the age of thirty, opportunities are far more important than money,
Career is far more important than money, and the future is far more important than money. For most people, the primary goal of doing business before the age of thirty
The goal is not to earn money, but to earn the future.
26 deposits
This is not necessarily because we have less money. Now, young people know that money has a life. If there are so many opportunities
Well, you can take the money to go to the mortgage, do today's business, spend tomorrow's money; you can also take the money to invest, take the money to "charge"
. Money is money only in the Process of circulation, otherwise it is only the best quality waste paper in the world.
27 houses
Unless you buy a house for appreciation, or you get married. I have a classmate who is in a foreign country and has graduated from college.
If the Organization does not have a dormitory, the House will buy him a house. He used to have the opportunity to work in Beijing, but he thinks
I quit the city just after I bought a house. Till now he has worked stably, but nothing has been done.
The only achievement is getting married and having children, because he thinks that the House should never be left empty, so the house
Become a home. A house is a fable of urban life. This fable should not be related to us too early.
28 age
A girl starts to hide her age when she is over 25 years old. At present, the delay in the youth period is up to forty-five.
When I was 25, what was it?
29 care
This is a kind of mentality that can't afford and can't afford it. It's not about giving up, but about being empty, free, always
Maintain the spirit of revolutionary optimism.
30. willing
Have a house to have it! # Management

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