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Are you sure your website is fully compatible with all major browsers? Do you know how many seconds it will take to open your website? Can you confidently say that your website cannot be opened at all? ......

Although it does not seem important, it also affects the access volume of your website to a certain extent. I have listed 31 of my favorite free online testing tools. You can use these tools to test your website and modify your website based on the results.

Website code verification

No one can carefully ensure that their website code is correct. You can verify the website code through the following tests.

1. wdg html validatorA good tool that can locate and mark the website with incorrect syntax. You can also choose to analyze each page of the website on a single page. (Highly recommended)

2. W3C markup validation serviceCode tests can be performed on both HTML and XHTML, claiming to be the first (and most used) HTML verification tool on the Internet.

3. W3C CSS validation serviceIt is used to verify the CSS source code and can mark out poor CSS code design. For example, "Same colors for color and background-color in two contexts ".

4. ruwf XML syntax checkerUsed to find XML file errors.

5. W3C feed validation serviceUsed to find error syntaxes in atom and RSS feed. (I often use this)

6. W3C link checkerIt is used to find out if there is any broken link in all the links on your website. (Highly recommended)

7. Juicy studio link analyserTest whether the URL of the link in the website has a dead link, which is similar to W3C link checker.

Website usability

We often see that website designers focus on website attractiveness without considering whether it will affect the use of visitors. A difficult web page is doomed to fail, to make it easy for a visitor to get the information he wants (and thus become a duplicate visitor), your website should follow the wcag Section 508 usability rules.

8. watchfire webxactAll rigorous tools that designers and developers must use will generate a very detailed report, including: website quality, ease of use and privacy. (Highly recommended)

9. atrc web accessibility checkerTest the wcag 2.0 level2 compatibility of the website. It generates a report and provides a series of suggestions, such as how to increase the access speed of the page header, links, Data, charts, and text.

10. Wave 3.0 web accessibility ToolA highly customizable tool that uses a graphical model to demonstrate website compatibility issues (wcag 1.0 and Section 508 ). (Highly recommended)

11. Taw web accessibility TestTest whether the webpage is conflicted (wcag 1.0 compatibility). Generate a website modification suggestion based on the wcag priority mode in the graphic mode.

12. hisoftware cynthiasays PortalA very strict rule is adopted to test the webpage (according to Section 508 and wcag 1.0 Rules), and the reports generated are extremely detailed (detailed to be difficult to understand ).

13. Hera accessibility testing with styleWcag1.0 compatibility is pointed out in a complex but easy-to-understand method.

14. Juicy studio CSS analyserA color comparison test is conducted to ensure that the color of your website meets the requirements of wcag 1.0.

15. juiciy studio readability TestIt is easy to understand whether the text on your website has incorrect syntax or spelling (according to the rules of the Flesch reading indexes and Flesch-Kincaid grade level algorithms ). (Suitable for English websites)

Website speed

The speed of opening your website is a key factor for visitors to access the website again. In general, visitors who are not on the Internet are reluctant to access a website full of pictures, Flash animations, and multimedia files. To maximize the coverage of your website, you must optimize your website so that it can be opened as quickly as possible.

16. Web page analyzer from website OptimizationA good tool, after analyzing a Web page, it will provide optimization suggestions to reduce loading time, focusing on optimizing the number of objects, images and the overall size of the website. (Highly recommended)

17. websitepulse Test ToolsThere are a series of tools to determine the loading speed and host information of the website.

18. Internet supervision URL checkTest the loading time of your website from different servers around the world to determine whether visitors from all over the world can successfully and quickly open your website.

Browser simulation tools

This is a common problem, because there are a lot of operating systems and browsers, and your website must be compatible with them, but this is by no means an easy task. With the following tools, you can see the effect of your web site on various browsers.

19. browsershots
It can show the effect of your website in different browsers, including Firefox and Internet Explorer (Windows
), Firefox, Safari (Mac OS X), iceweasal, and Konqueror (Linux), but the result must be 1
-3 hours later.

20. ie netrendererGenerate your website in real time under Internet Explorer 5.5, 6.0, and 7.0.

21. mobiready reportAfter analyzing the compatibility problem of using a mobile phone to access a webpage, a detailed report will be generated, and the possible display of your website on two different types of mobile browsers will be provided.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

If a website is more friendly to search engines, it will certainly be more competitive.

22. urltrendsIt will show you how visitors come to your website through the search engine, and how much traffic is there. The data includes Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alexa, alltheweb, Altavista, and other websites. (Highly recommended)

23. iwebtool backlink checkerA good tool, it can find out what sites are linked to your site, those sites are what type of site.

24. iwebtool multi-rank checkerDisplays the Alexa and Google PageRank values on your website.

25. Microsoft adcenter labs: advertising and keyword research toolsAn excellent tool for analyzing and predicting visitors and markets on your website. (Highly recommended)

26. Domain tools whois LookupA whois network tool.

27. Seo-BrowserYou can see the same website in the eyes of search engines (remove all the "beautiful" accessories ).

28. Seo workers Seo analysis toolA very useful tool for analyzing various classification features on the website, including meta tags, keyword density, and loading time. (Highly recommended)

29. seekport seekbotYou can analyze the data and content of the website to find out how the search engine can effectively interpret and analyze the website.

30. Seo chat SEO toolsUsed to analyze the profit potential, keyword density, meta tag, etc. of a website Google Adsense ......

31. marketleap search engine marketing toolsIt is used to analyze Web pages, so that you can know whether your website retrieves and sets the keyword. I have already translated the above articles! I am only responsible for reprinting!

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