31 pieces of advice for unmarried men

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31 pieces of advice for unmarried men

1. It is best not to smoke if you can. It may help you attract some girls, but never get bored if you don't smoke. There are many ways to show your male spirit, there is no need to bet on health.

2. Set a target for yourself. If you are born for one year, two years, or five years, you may not be as good as others. By working hard, you can often change your fate. A broken jar can only be used as a friend with weak skills.

3. Looking for a girlfriend is the first level of appearance, but it is not too late to make plans after learning about her conduct.

4. Don't care about small money. People who work all regret that they were not good enough for their GF. Remember your important days, your conversations, girls are much more sensitive. Doing so can at least prove your importance to her.

5. Love her, but don't be afraid of her. You are lovers and friends. What she wants is not a pet. Such feelings may not last long.

6. If she is ill, she will be taken to the hospital. When she is afraid, she will find a place where few people hold her, give her courage, help her queue, register, let go of your sad face. People around you will only envy her and will not say anything to you.

7. Don't twist the lives of two people together. Space is the longevity medicine of love. Don't be jealous. Everyone has a friend of the opposite sex. You should eat it only when you eat it and let her know.

8. Be kind to her friends. Even if she hates someone, you are not qualified to say anything bad. What you want to do is to listen to her quietly. Give her comfort. Sometimes, they need to rely more, even if you are still students.

9. Don't ask her if the time is up. She will tell you without reservation. If she wants to see the old man, let her go because you don't want her to go, so will she. Why isn't it so big, but let her know that you're pretty depressed.

10. cherish the people around you, and do not think differently. Everyone needs to be stable. Even if the other party is 10 times more beautiful than your GF, they will take the initiative to approach you and give you a dark sign. Please tell her seriously that you have a girlfriend!

11. She began to take care of your life, your money, nagging you, and sent messages frequently asking about your location. Don't worry, she just handed herself over to you, afraid of losing you.

12. Take her to the places you used to go. She will be very happy in her heart. When you are frustrated, she will find you in the first place.

13. Don't shut down after a quarrel or wander around the street with other people of the opposite sex. This can only increase the conflict.

14. For her birthday, don't give her a strawberry cake, but it should be exquisite enough to put your greasy name on the cake. Buy another big one and let her spend time with her friends.

15. When holding hands, do not let go even if your hands sweat.

16. introduce her to your best friends, including Friends of the opposite sex.

17. Don't always ask her to make a phone call. She also needs to be valued.

18. Try to adjust the clothes to suit her taste. Even if you want to improve the quality, please bring her together.

19. Don't peek at her privacy, don't guess, it's fate to get together, and it's fate to leave.

20. If you are out of love, do not trust the rumors on the rivers and lakes to eliminate your worries. The taste of sputation is bad. Even if you drink tea, don't rush to drink tea. Tea will not just help but hurt your kidney.

21. Don't think about how to rebuild old ones all day long. In addition to love, there are still many problems you need to solve. This is a real society where feelings cannot be eaten, and poor couples may feel sad. Don't believe in movies. It's just a place where many strangers are clamoring for their emotions.

22. after breaking up, you may feel sad, but the transition period cannot be too long, because this period is a great time for study and work.

23. If you cannot help yourself, wait for at least half a year. Otherwise, you will not only deny her, but also deny yourself.

24. When she no longer loves you, no matter how much you think about her, don't call her to tell her, because some people will remember the first one, while some people will only remember the last one.

25. In a good friend, you must cultivate a confidant. Don't think that you have a wonderful face and a friend everywhere. At last, you have only one heart to you. Believe me.

26. If she leaves for a major blow, look for a well-crafted hair style and design a hair style. This will make you feel awkward.

27. Don't disturb her life. She will only think that you may despise yourself.

28. When you meet in the street, please smile at her and leave your smile to the person who hurt you the most.

29. Tell the people around you that you have already broken up with her to prevent them from reporting to you.

30. Do not believe in the horoscope. It is the fate of your children. Do you want to wait for a house or a car?

31. It is the basic morality of an online man.

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