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    Once I met the human resources of a company, I asked if I wanted to develop a hand tour server. I answered that I want to develop a mobile game chess server. "Our company needs to develop MMORPG servers instead of chess servers," she said. I'm sorry to hear that. Chess game server is a small game? Pediatrics today, as long as it is a game server, you need high concurrency, high performance, high flexibility, distributed design, whether it is MMORPG, chess game or other types of games. Support for server hot-connect services, management services, Gateway Services (routing services), logical services, data services, and more. Then look at the architecture of chess game apparel, basically by the central services, login services, Gateway services, room services, logic services, data Services, broadcast services. The Chess server room is used to solve the problem of elastic number and load balancing in the game space. For the room clothes, the number of playgrounds can be fixed, it can be not fixed. For example, there may be hundreds of or thousands of people in a novice site. In this case, this can happen if there is no availability. Suit, it is a set of novice logic suit, can accommodate up to four hundred or five hundred people. The room costume represents the novice field, but does not need to deal with game logic. It manages all the logic costumes for the novice site. Under its management, the number of logical garments can be dynamically and automatically increased according to the number of changes. In addition, in order to achieve load balancing, intelligently allocate the number of logic clothes in the game space. Because the room service does not handle game logic, it only represents the game space and is load balanced, so it is easy to manage tens of thousands of people. Each logic Garm only needs about 200 people to cope, which greatly reduces the need for logic clothing and is full of flexibility. Therefore, with indoor clothing, you can meet the needs of chess and card games, such as the 1000-person arena, 1000 regular games and so on, to achieve the same purpose. Chess game, the diversity of rules. After discussing the room service of the chess game, we continue to discuss other aspects of the MMORPG game Server draw card game server. It is said that the implementation of the MMORPG game server is very complex, and the real time requirements are very high, so the technical content is very high. First of all, real-time, first of all, whether it is MMORPG or chess game, all need a smooth game. Second, the real-time performance of MMORPG is mainly embodied in the movement of characters, requiring all players to be the same. Watch the player move the field of vision is synchronized. For this problem, there are mature solutions, predictions and synchronizations. Another embodiment is data in real time. In order to improve real-time, data buffering is often used to bring data consistency between processes and data consistency between memory and DB, which requires developers to control a clear memory model and threading model. The complexity of MMORPG is mainly embodied in the design and intellectualization of NPC. It is not yet possible to achieve a more advanced AI system, so MMORPG can only implement some simple intelligence without the need for high intelligence. Next is the combat system, the mission system, the map person. MMORPG servers are designed to be based on multiple modules, multiple logic, lots of code, and heavy workloads, but not necessarily if the core technology of a MMORPG game server is more difficult than other types of game servers. That's right. The core technology of game server is architecture and network appeal, all game servers are the same. The above is a brief introduction of the MMORPG server and chess server some knowledge. Game server is now mainly divided into terminal tourism, page tour and hand tour. These three game servers have the same point and different focus. Especially because of the different network environment, the hand tour is more obvious than the terminal tour and the page tour. Here's the network environment reference handheld surf connects to the network via the phone's wireless signal, while terminal surfing and page surfing connect to the network via a home-use wired or wireless signal. Once the terminal stream and the page to connect to the network, the problem of mobile phone signal there are dark corners, dead ends, rapid movement and other problems, when the signal strength is extremely unstable, will produce a signal, so mobile phone client network speed will be fast or slow, or even decline. His network environment, how to ensure the smoothness and stability of hand travel, has become the focus of the development of hand-tour server, especially for mobile games and chess server, it mainly involves the development and optimization of message str. In order to keep the game running smoothly under extremely slow data transmission caused by very weak signals, each message must be optimized to the smallest byte so that on the server and otherwise, the message structure is unreasonable, too large to move hundreds of bytes or even a few K bytes, resulting in a message between the server and the client. Receive authentication for long-term mobile wireless network traffic, increasing the risk. Receive failed. No wonder the game is jammed, slow and can't even go on. Based on the characteristics of mobile wireless network, dynamic disconnection is no longer normal. The key is that the client re-connects and replaces the server after the line is dropped. Es chess game, it is divided into two cases: disconnection reconnect and the game disconnected reconnect. When the room is disconnected and reconnected, the client can perform the logon connection process in the thread without the player knowing; the server cleans up the original cone. In the game interruption, the client can re-issue the login command, can continue to issue commands in the game, the server cleans up the original connection, re-responds to the login process, can also send the current game information for the client, the client based on the cleverly restored game scene, handled properly, the player does not feel disconnected and reconnect, Think the game has been smooth. As for the chess game robot, the development of board game server is essential. Chess and card game robots also need to have a certain degree of intelligence, so that the player is not easily aware that the robot is the representative of play. From this point of view, the development of chess game server also need to have a deep understanding of server development, if not long-term development in chess and C rankings. ArdGame server, it is not easy to successfully develop a commercial-grade chess game server, especially the manual game server.

316 Chess Card source code promotion system, say hand Tour chess server

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