3.3-mysql Common Operations-1

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Log in to MySQL


See which libraries are currently available

show databases;

Where library Tese is empty by default

Switch Library commands

Use Discuz or used MySQL is not added;

View current in that library

Mysql> Select Database ();

View Current User

Mysql> Select User ();

View current MySQL database version information

Mysql> select version ();

Several key knowledge of the database:

----------The field library contains the table, the table has rows, and there are fields in the row

See which tables are in the current library

Mysql> Show tables;

View a table pre_ucenter_vars, what are the descriptive information

mysql> desc Pre_ucenter_vars;

See how a table Pre_ucenter_vars is created, what its creation statement is

Mysql> Show CREATE TABLE pre_ucenter_vars\g; \g to make the layout beautiful

Create a custom Library

Create Database Wyp; To create a WYP library

Create a table in the WYP library Llzd

Use WYP switch to the WYP library

CREATE TABLE LLZD (' id ' int (4), ' name ' char (+) ') Engine=myisam DEFAULT CHARSET=GBK;

CREATE TABLE LLZD,ID length 4,name length 40, engine MyISAM default character set GBK

Create a table and insert a field in the Llzd table

INSERT into LLZD values (1, ' wuyaoping ');

1 represents the id ' wuyaoping ' for name, because it is char and must be enclosed in single quotation marks

Or insert only one field

mysql> INSERT INTO LLZD (' id ') values (2); Insert ID only

mysql> INSERT INTO Llzd (' name ') VALUES (' 55 '); Insert name only best Plus single quote

mysql> INSERT INTO Llzd (' name ', ' ID ') VALUES (' 66 ', 5); Flag can be reversed, same effect

View rows in a specified table

Mysql> select * from Llzd; Can see the information to 1,wuyaoping

In a table, update the fields in the table

mysql> Update llzd set id=4 where name = ' 66 '; after matching name, update ID

In a table, delete a row in the table

Mysql> Delete from Llzd where id=1;

or mysql> delete from llzd where name= ' wuyaoping ';

Empty the contents of a table

mysql> truncate TABLE wyp.llzd; Specify Library WYP and table Llzd

Delete a table

mysql> drop table Llzd;

Delete a library

mysql> drop Database Wyp;

3.3-mysql Common Operations-1

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