3.3 SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio

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3.3 SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio
When SQL Server Reporting Services is published, Visual Studio is the only user available
Methods for building and managing reports. However, many non-shipowner people are afraid of the interface they are unfamiliar with. In the SQL
Server 2005 is released, Microsoft knows that they must take into account user concerns and provide a new interface that not only
Can manage reports, and can be used for Analysis Services and Integration Services tasks. As a result, SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) was born. With P now has
A specialized tool to meet business intelligence (BI) requirements.
In fact, the BIDS is Visual Studio 2008, which is included in Studio,sql Server 2008. Of course

It is not a complete visual Studio 2 0 0 8, which includes visual Basic, C #, and ASP. NET Templates and compilation
Translators, but many database administrators are surprised to find that after installing SQL Server tools, their work
Visual Studio appears on the station. Whether you start a business Intelligence development Studio shortcut from a SQL Server 2008 folder or start from the Visual Studio folder in the Start menu Visua L
Studio 2008 shortcuts, open applications are actually ... Kind of. If you do not have a full set of visual Studio installed, the only project template available is a business intelligence project. However, if a full set of software is installed, all features and templates that are installed are available.
The full discussion of the Visual Studio IDE is not within the scope of this book, so here is just a brief introduction.
Microsoft divides business intelligence into 3 distinct parts: ETL (extract-transform-load), analysis, and reporting.
These 3 parts of the business intelligence package are implemented through SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server Analysis Services, and SQL Server Reporting services. As a result, the Business Intelligence Project template provided by bids Also
is to focus on these 3 aspects. In bids, select the file 丨 new project option from its main menu to create a new
Project (shown in 3-37), all of these templates are available

Once a template is selected, the template loads the tools for the applicable project. Table 3-18 provides a brief description of the available templates.

3.3 SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio

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