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Many people think that Windows 7 is only an upgraded version of Vista, providing new wallpapers that are not included in many Vista systems. This is totally incorrect! In addition to the aesthetics brought by interface adjustment, there are many new features that are little known but important in Windows 7 systems. These features provide users with better system performance and user experience, it not only helps you easily troubleshoot, but also provides enhanced security and even provides more users. Here we have found 50 tips for using Windows 7 operating systems, as long as you can use these skills well, it will definitely make your computer different.


1. Problem feedback video recorder

Because every computer user may be able to find computer-savvy friends around him. Once a problem occurs on his computer, he must turn to them immediately. However, when you encounter a problem and want to ask for help from computer experts, you do not know how to describe the problem and the experts cannot solve the problem for you. This is a bit depressing. Now Microsoft can help you easily get out of this dilemma, because Windows 7 will include an excellent new solution to the problem-feedback video recorder, which records every step of the problem.

In Windows 7, when anyProgramIn case of an error, you can enter "HDR" in the Start Menu, press enter, and click "start record. When you use your computer again, the steps that occur will be recorded one by one in Windows 7, and the recorded problems will be saved in an MHTML compressed file. Then you can send this file to your friends so that they can better understand the cause of the problem and help you quickly, conveniently, and efficiently eliminate computer faults and save valuable time.

2. Burn an image file

Windows 7 introduces a feature that has been used in other operating systems for many years, that is, to burn an ISO image file to a CD or a DVD disk, but this time it is very easy to use, simply double-click the ISO image file with the mouse, select a blank disk in the drive, and click the burn button to immediately see your disc burned out.

3. Create and mount a vhd File

Microsoft's vhd file format is a virtual machine hard disk, which can be compressed into a single file and stored in the file system of the host machine, it mainly includes the system files required for starting a virtual machine. The Virtual Machine hard disk vhd File Created by Microsoft Virtual PC can now be mounted directly in Windows 7 system, and users can directly access their host system. Click the Start Menu, type diskmgmt. msc, and press Enter. Then, click "Action> attach vhd" and select the file you want to attach. Then, a virtual drive is displayed on the desktop immediately. You can browse or read and write it like other local drives. If you select "Action> Create vhd" in the preceding step, you can create a new virtual hard disk of your own.

4. Solve Problems

If a part of Windows 7 is abnormal, but you are not sure what causes it, find the "troubleshoot" option in the control panel and enter the troubleshooting package. Windows 7 provides easy-to-use Wizard to help you solve problems step by step, including checking your system settings and clearing system garbage.

5. Start Menu repair

The reliability of Windows 7 exceeds our test expectation, but you may still encounter problems. In the worst case, the security mode may not start. However, we have all downloaded Windows 7 and have not installed a CD to reinstall or repair the system. What should we do? Click "Maintenance (system maintenance)> Create a system repair disc (Create a system Repair Disk)" in the Start Menu. Windows 7 will immediately create an emergency drive for you, if you have encountered the system problems mentioned earlier, it may be the only way to help you reinvent your computer.

6. Full Control

If you get tired of installing messy applications on your computer or don't want them to use some programs on their own. Applocker is a new feature in Windows 7. It ensures that users on your computer can only run specified programs. The setting is also very simple. You can create a rule by yourself to only allow users to use a software developer program, such as Microsoft. At this time, users can only run Microsoft applications. Run the "gpedit. msc" command to enter the Computer Configuration window and select "Windows Settings> Security Settings> application control policies> applocker". Then you can use this service immediately.

7. More powerful Calculator

At first glance, we can see that the Windows 7 calculator has almost no difference with the Vista calculator, but after careful research, we found that the Windows 7 calculator has powerful statistical capabilities. In addition, if you are not familiar with the Conversion Relationship between various units, we provide you with the quick conversion function including length, weight, volume, and other units, and help you calculate the mileage, loan interest rates are very convenient.

For some small applications in Windows 7, you cannot just look at the appearance. Maybe there are many powerful new functions hidden behind it, you can only explore each other without missing any important good functions.

8. projector Switching

Then you can select the display mode you want. Of course, if your computer only connects to one monitor, this function will not work.

9. Automatic Cleaning

If your system has been used by users without any computer experience, this may cause some problems. As long as they use your computer alone, they may change your settings, install suspicious programs, or even delete any important files. However, Microsoft is now able to understand your needs. Windows 7 will include an effective solution: PC safeguard. This function allows other users to log on easily. Anyone can directly use your computer to play games, browse webpages, and chat online. That is to say, they can use computers like you. But when they launch the system, all the operations they have just done will expire, and the files they save will be automatically deleted, this means that it is much harder for anyone to screw up your computer system!

This is not a new technology. Microsoft has provided free services to users in their shared toolbox for a long time, but it was the first time that it was integrated into Windows systems, this makes the function easier to use. To use this function, you can find the Account creation method in the user account and home security options in the control panel, and then enable the "PC safeguard" function, you can also test whether the method works.

10. System Restoration

Using the system restoration feature in earlier versions of Windows is like an adventure, because you have no way to know the potential impact of the application or driver. You have to try it on your own. However, this is not true for Windows 7. Right-click my computer and choose "system protection> System Restore> next" from the property options. Then, select the System Restore point you want to use, click the "scan for affected programs" button. In Windows, the system automatically checks whether an application or driver has been deleted or overwritten for the Restore point you selected.

11. Time Zone settings

The system administrator will use the latest command line tzutil.exe. This tool can be used to directly modify the system time zone from the script. If you want to set the system as the standard Greenwich Mean Time, you can use the command: tzutil/s "GMT Standard Time.
12. Screen correction

The color of the display you see depends on the video card settings, brightness and other parameters, but most users use Windows default color configuration directly, which may occur in the following situations: when you see an outstanding digital photo on your computer, but put it on another computer, you will find that the effect is very poor. However, Windows 7 provides a display color calibration Wizard to help you correctly set the brightness, contrast, and color of your display, as well as a cleartype tuner, to ensure that the text is clear and sharp. Open the "Start Menu", type dccw, and press Enter. What is the result?

13. Right-click

Although Windows 7 and Vista have great similarities, there is a simple way to see the differences between them, that is, the powerful right-click function in Windows 7. If you right-click the blank area of the desktop, you will immediately find a menu item that can be used to set the screen resolution. You no longer need to change it by browsing the display settings. Right-click the icon on the taskbar to quickly open common system folders, including documents, images, and Windows folders.

If you do not want to use IE, you certainly do not want to make its icons always occupy a valuable position on the taskbar, right-click the IE icon and choose to remove "unpin this program from the taskbar" from the taskbar. Then, install other browsers such as Firefox, opera, and safari.

14. Desktop slides

Windows 7 comes with a large number of attractive exquisite wallpapers, which makes it difficult to choose which one to use. So why don't I choose all my favorite wallpapers so that Windows can display all the beautiful wallpapers on the desktop in the form of slides? The setting method is as follows: Right-click the blank area on the desktop and select "personalise> desktop background" in the pop-up menu. Then, press Ctrl to select all your favorite images, set an automatic and better interval for each image, such as 10 seconds, so that the entire background can be displayed randomly. After the settings are complete, save the settings to slowly enjoy all the images displayed.

15. RSS subscription Wallpaper

If you think that all the standard wallpapers attached to the system cannot meet your needs, you can create a topic and capture images from the RSS subscription, currently, this function cannot be used well in Beta.



16. Restore screen space

Windows 7's latest taskbar is a large Quick Start toolbar that can accommodate any shortcut you like (right-click the program and select insert to the taskbar ). This is of course very convenient, but the increasing size of the taskbar will certainly occupy more screen space. What if one day you suddenly want to "slim down" your taskbar? Simple! Right-click the Start menu and select Properties> taskbar> use small icons> OK to reduce the icon on the taskbar and use more screen space.


17. Restore the Quick Start Toolbar

If you do not like the new style taskbar in Windows 7, you will not be satisfied even if it is reduced, then you only need a little time to immediately restore the tool bar that has been in use for a long time. The procedure is as follows: Right-click the taskbar and choose "toolbars> new toolbar ", in the folder window, type "USERPROFILE % \ appdata \ roaming \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ quick launch" (do not enter quotation marks) and click Select folder. Right-click the task bar and cancel "lock the taskbar (lock the task bar)". Then you can see the familiar Quick Start Task Bar. Right-click the split area and clear the text and title display to minimize the desktop space occupied by the taskbar, in the last step, right-click the taskbar and change the view to "small icons" to see the old Quick Start toolbar.

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