34th Day I am the Integrated Platform Mania (vii)-The Lightness of jquery (v)

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July 13, Sunny. "The Hospital deeply Xiachiqing, pomegranate bloom through Curtain ming." the shade of the Copse, the dream of a lark when a sound. "

in the law of jquery, the style is more than everything, it cattle people have never tied themselves to a boring form, with the understanding of JavaScript, in a constant attempt to seek the inspiration of transformation.

Most of the tickets and travel sites provide a city and date input query function. Users in the input box only need to enter the city's phonetic alphabet or simply can pop up the name of the relevant city, select the date is a one-month calendar control, just click on the date, the whole operation at a glance.

This article explains how to use jquery to implement the entire process of city query and calendar display, using the DatePicker plugin of the jquery UI library to control the calendar and enter the plug-in for city hints.

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