35 good habits in life

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01. Do not say "impossible.
02. first reaction to everything: Find a method instead of making excuses.
03. say to myself in the face of setbacks: Great!
04. Don't say negative, don't fall into negative emotions, and immediately handle it right away
05. Set goals first and try to make the "Dream edition ".
06. Pre-plan everything and visualize the target as much as possible.
07. Working hours. Every minute and every second is conducive to production.
08. Use piecemeal time at any time (such as waiting for someone, queuing, etc.) to do fragmented things.
09. Punctuality.
10. Write it down. Don't rely too much on your head.
11. Record inspiration at any time.
12. Write down important ideas and methods and paste them to remind you at any time.
13. Walking is 30% faster than usual. when walking, the toes are pushed a little harder, and the body language is healthy and powerful.
14. Look in the mirror every day and give yourself a confident smile.
15. self-reflection once a day.
16. exercise once a day.
17. Listening to heartbeat for one minute refers to fatigue, irritability, and nervousness before doing important things.
18. The meeting is sitting in the front row.
19. Smile.
20. Listen Attentively without interrupting the other party.
21. Strong voice when talking. It seems that your voice has an infectious magnetic field.
22. Before speaking, consider the feelings of the other party.
23. You are conscious and sincere in praising others three or more times every day.
24. Write a thank-you card in time, even if it is written on a notepaper.
25. Don't reprimand and speak to others in a bid.
26. Do not make yourself the first response to your defense.
27. Do a "sub-Foreign Affairs" every day ".
28. In any aspect, you must make "a little progress" at least once a day ".
29. Work is delayed by 30 minutes 15 minutes every day.
30. organize the work every day five minutes before getting off work.
31. Save money regularly.
32. Frugal.
33. frequent use of "brainstorming ".
34. Keep in good faith and do what you say.
35. I am the best one !!!

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