353jsp051 Real Estate house sale rental Intermediary website

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Program testing Software: MyEclipse8.5 database: sqlserver2000 or above (ODBC data source link mode)
Development technology: Pure JSP Technology +sqlserver2000 Database

(1) Front desk function:
Note: Only the user can log in to the system for operation within the user's permission. In the foreground function module, mainly includes:
1. Housing Supply and demand information Input module: Housing rental information, the sale of housing information input, buy information and rental information input. In the information entry module, the main information is input housing information, including the specific location of the house, Unit name, set type, unit price, release time, housing type and other key word information.
2. Personal Information Management module: In this module is mainly to achieve the user's personal data management. When you manage your data, you first need to verify that you are logged into the system. So as to achieve the user control effect. This includes the modification of basic information such as login name, login password, contact telephone number and email address.
3. User's personal housing information management: Here is mainly for the user has published the housing information, rent and buy information to manage. Includes the basic elements of housing information management. User Login control must also be done in the management interface.
4. Housing Information inquiry and new home scoring module: This is mainly for the secondary and new house information Fuzzy query, new building information scoring function module. Scoring module directly reflects the new house information in the user's eyes satisfaction, but also indirectly reflects the characteristics of the housing value.
5. Message function: In this function module, mainly realizes the user to the system or the house information opinion release.
6. Advanced Information inquiry function: to realize the rental, sale, rent, buy information for the secondary housing, mainly to the room type, price, area and other keywords to achieve fuzzy or accurate query. These fields are the keywords in the query for new house information.
(2) Background function:
Note: Only administrators with administrator privileges can manage the system's individual module information after logging on to the system. Included in the background function module:
1. Management of user information: Here the administrator has two permissions to add users and delete users. If a user has no permission to log on to the system, the administrator can remove it from the login table to ensure the security of the system. Administrators can also add a user and give permission data for the initial logon system.
2. Secondary housing information management: Because in the foreground has the user to publish the information function, therefore in the administrator backstage management only need to the information to delete the operation, but cannot modify the house information arbitrarily.
3. New House information entry and management: Because the new house information needs to have certain accuracy, the system's survival and the new house information has the direct link, therefore the new house information input operation only then can confirm the information reliability by the System Management Party by the system administrator to complete the input operation. Here the administrator has permission to modify the basic information of the new house.
4. Management of message: In this module, the administrator can learn the feedback from the user back to the comments and suggestions. Administrators can address these comments and suggestions to try to perfect the system deficiencies.

353jsp051 Real Estate house sale rental Intermediary website

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