36-1 Responding to a Request for Information About an Unsatisfactory Former Employee

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Charles Edwards worked in the mailroom of a large firm for nearly two years. he was a genuine problem to the supervisor -- he often arrived late and left early, was absent a good deal, and showed no interest in his work. the supervisor's talks with him were not productive, and she eventually formcm to let him go. A few weeks after Charles leaves, the supervisor has es an inquiry about Charles from a company to which he has applied for a job.

The Letter:

Dear Mrs. Kimberly:

Charles Edwards worked under my supervison in the Mail Department of Atkinson-Tickett Company for nearly two years (1992-1994 ).

Although a cheerful and popular young man, Charles showed very little interest in his work, and I was forced to talk with him when times about his tardiness and absences, and his poor work habits and general attitude. I finally concluded that there was no way for me to motivate him and suggested that he find another job.

Perhaps, given another type of work in which he is genuinely interested, Charles wocould succeed. He is very bright, and perhaps that was the problem here -- the work did not challenge him.

Yours very truly,

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