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This article brings together 36 typical pieces of code for Android development, including making calls, sending text messages, waking the screen and unlocking them, whether there is a network connection, dynamic display, or hiding a soft keyboard, which I hope will help you.

36 common code Snippets for Android Development//dialing phone public static void call (context context, String PhoneNumber) {context.startactivity (new

  Intent (Intent.action_call, Uri.parse ("Tel:" + phonenumber)); //Jump to the Dial-up interface public static void Calldial (context, String PhoneNumber) {context.startactivity (new Intent (inte Nt.

  Action_dial, Uri.parse ("Tel:" + phonenumber)); //Send SMS public static void Sendsms (context, string PhoneNumber, string content) {uri uri = Uri.parse (

   "Smsto:" + (Textutils.isempty (PhoneNumber) "": PhoneNumber));

   Intent Intent = new Intent (intent.action_sendto, URI); Intent.putextra ("Sms_body", textutils.isempty (content)?

   "": content);

  Context.startactivity (Intent); //Wake up screen and unlock public static void Wakeupandunlock (context context) {Keyguardmanager km= (Keyguardmanager) Context.getsy 

   Stemservice (Context.keyguard_service); 

   Keyguardmanager.keyguardlock KL = Km.newkeyguardlock ("UnLock"); Unlock Kl.disablekeyguard (); 

   Gets the Power Manager Object PowerManager pm= (PowerManager) Context.getsystemservice (Context.power_service); Gets the Powermanager.wakelock object, followed by the parameter | To pass two values at the same time, the last is the logcat tag powermanager.wakelock wl = Pm.newwakelock ( Powermanager.acquire_causes_wakeup | 

   Powermanager.screen_dim_wake_lock, "bright"); 

   Light up the screen wl.acquire (); 

  Release of Wl.release (); //need to add permissions <uses-permission android:name= "Android.permission.WAKE_LOCK"/> <uses-permission android:name= "a Ndroid.permission.DISABLE_KEYGUARD "/>//Determine whether the current app is in the foreground or background state public static Boolean Isapplicationbackground (final

   Context context) {Activitymanager am = (activitymanager) context. Getsystemservice (Context.activity_service);

   @SuppressWarnings ("deprecation") list<activitymanager.runningtaskinfo> tasks = am.getrunningtasks (1);

    if (!tasks.isempty ()) {ComponentName topactivity = tasks.get (0). topactivity; if (!topactivity.getpackagename (). Equals (Context.getpackagenaMe ()) {return true;

  return false;  //need to add permissions <uses-permission android:name= "Android.permission.GET_TASKS"/>//To determine whether the current phone is in a lock screen (sleep) state public static Boolean issleeping {Keyguardmanager kgmgr = (keyguardmanager) context. Getsystemservice (Conte Xt.


   Boolean issleeping = Kgmgr.inkeyguardrestrictedinputmode ();

  return issleeping;  //Determine if there is currently a network connection public static Boolean Isonline (context context) {Connectivitymanager manager = (Connectivitymanager)

   Context. Getsystemservice (Activity.connectivity_service);

   Networkinfo info = Manager.getactivenetworkinfo ();

   if (info!= null && info.isconnected ()) {return true;

  return false;  //Determine whether the current WiFi connection state public static Boolean iswificonnected (context context) {Connectivitymanager Connectivitymanager =

  (Connectivitymanager) context. Getsystemservice (Context.connectivity_service); Networkinfo Wifinetworkinfo = Connectivitymanager. Getnetworkinfo (Connectivitymanager.type_wifi);

  if (wifinetworkinfo.isconnected ()) {return true;

return false;

  }//install apk public static void installapk (context context, file file) {Intent Intent = new Intent ();

  Intent.setaction ("Android.intent.action.VIEW");

  Intent.addcategory ("Android.intent.category.DEFAULT");

  Intent.settype ("application/vnd.android.package-archive");

  Intent.setdataandtype (uri.fromfile (file), "application/vnd.android.package-archive");

  Intent.setflags (Intent.flag_activity_new_task);

Context.startactivity (Intent); //Determine if the current device is a mobile phone public static Boolean Isphone (context context) {Telephonymanager telephony = (Telephonymanager) conte

  XT. Getsystemservice (Context.telephony_service);

  if (telephony.getphonetype () = = Telephonymanager.phone_type_none) {return false;

  else {return true; }//Get current device width high, unit px @SuppressWarnings ("deprecation") public static int getdevicewidth {WindowManager manager = (windowmanager) context. Getsystemservice (Context.window_ser


Return Manager.getdefaultdisplay (). GetWidth (); @SuppressWarnings ("deprecation") public static int Getdeviceheight (context context) {WindowManager manager = (W

  Indowmanager) context. Getsystemservice (Context.window_service);

Return Manager.getdefaultdisplay (). GetHeight (); //Get the IMEI of the current device and need to use the @TargetApi (build.version_codes) with the Isphone () above.

  Cupcake) public static string Getdeviceimei (context context) {string deviceId; if (isphone) {Telephonymanager telephony = (telephonymanager) context. Getsystemservice (Context.teleph


  DeviceId = Telephony.getdeviceid ();

  else {deviceId = Settings.Secure.getString (Context.getcontentresolver (), Settings.Secure.ANDROID_ID);

return deviceId;

  //Get the current device's MAC address public static string getmacaddress (context context) {string macAddress; WifImanager WiFi = (wifimanager) context. Getsystemservice (Context.wifi_service);

  Wifiinfo info = Wifi.getconnectioninfo ();

  MacAddress = Info.getmacaddress ();

  if (null = = macAddress) {return "";

  } macAddress = Macaddress.replace (":", "");

return macAddress;

  //Get the current program's version number public static string Getappversion (context context) {String Version = "0";

  try {Version = Context.getpackagemanager (). Getpackageinfo (Context.getpackagename (), 0). Versionname;

  catch (Packagemanager.namenotfoundexception e) {e.printstacktrace ();

return version; //Collecting equipment information For information statistical analysis public static Properties Collectdeviceinfo (context context) {Properties Mdevicecrashinfo = new P

   Roperties ();

    try {packagemanager pm = Context.getpackagemanager ();

    PackageInfo pi = pm.getpackageinfo (Context.getpackagename (), packagemanager.get_activities); if (pi!= null) {Mdevicecrashinfo.put (version_name, Pi.versionname = =Null?

     "Not set": Pi.versionname);

    Mdevicecrashinfo.put (Version_code, Pi.versioncode);

   The catch (Packagemanager.namenotfoundexception e) {log.e (TAG, "Error while collect package info", e); } field[] fields = Build.

   Class. Getdeclaredfields ();

     for (Field field:fields) {try {field.setaccessible (true);

    Mdevicecrashinfo.put (Field.getname (), field.get (null));

    catch (Exception e) {log.e (TAG, "Error while collect crash info", e);

  } return mdevicecrashinfo;

   public static String Collectdeviceinfostr {Properties prop = Collectdeviceinfo (context);

   Set Deviceinfos = Prop.keyset ();

   StringBuilder deviceinfostr = new StringBuilder ("{\ n"); for (Iterator iter = Deviceinfos.iterator (); Iter.hasnext ();)

    {Object item = Iter.next ();

   Deviceinfostr.append ("\t\t\t" + Item + ":" + prop.get (item) + ", \ n");

   } deviceinfostr.append ("}"); Return DeviCeinfostr.tostring ();

     }//whether there is SD card public static Boolean Havesdcard () {return android.os.Environment.getExternalStorageState (). Equals (

  Android.os.Environment.MEDIA_MOUNTED); ///Dynamic Hide soft keyboard @TargetApi (build.version_codes.

   Cupcake) public static void Hidesoftinput (activity activity) {View view = Activity.getwindow (). Peekdecorview (); if (view!= null) {Inputmethodmanager Inputmanger = (inputmethodmanager) activity. Getsystemservice (Conte Xt.


   Inputmanger.hidesoftinputfromwindow (View.getwindowtoken (), 0); }} @TargetApi (Build.version_codes.

   Cupcake) public static void Hidesoftinput (context context, edittext Edit) {edit.clearfocus ();

   Inputmethodmanager Inputmanger = (inputmethodmanager) context. Getsystemservice (Context.input_method_service);

  Inputmanger.hidesoftinputfromwindow (Edit.getwindowtoken (), 0); ///Dynamic Display soft keyboard @TargetApi (build.version_codes. Cupcake) public static void Showsoftinput (COntext context, EditText Edit) {edit.setfocusable (true);

   Edit.setfocusableintouchmode (TRUE);

   Edit.requestfocus ();

   Inputmethodmanager InputManager = (inputmethodmanager) context. Getsystemservice (Context.input_method_service);

  Inputmanager.showsoftinput (edit, 0); ///dynamic display or hidden soft keyboard @TargetApi (build.version_codes.

   Cupcake) public static void Togglesoftinput (context context, edittext Edit) {edit.setfocusable (true);

   Edit.setfocusableintouchmode (TRUE);

   Edit.requestfocus ();

   Inputmethodmanager InputManager = (inputmethodmanager) context. Getsystemservice (Context.input_method_service);

  Inputmanager.togglesoftinput (inputmethodmanager.show_forced, 0);

   ///Active return home, background run public static void GoHome (context context) {Intent mhomeintent = new Intent (intent.action_main);

   Mhomeintent.addcategory (Intent.category_home); Mhomeintent.addflags (Intent.flag_activity_new_task |

intent.flag_activity_reset_task_if_needed);   Context.startactivity (mhomeintent); //Get status bar height/note, to be invoked in onwindowfocuschanged, obtain a height of 0 @TargetApi in OnCreate (build.version_codes.

  Cupcake) public static int getstatusbarheight (activity activity) {Rect frame = new Rect ();

   Activity.getwindow (). Getdecorview (). Getwindowvisibledisplayframe (frame);

  return frame.top; //Get status bar height + title bar (actionbar) Height//(Note that if there is no actionbar, the height of the fetch will be the same as above, only the height of the status bar) public static int Gettopbarheight (

  Activity activity) {return Activity.getwindow (). Findviewbyid (window.id_android_content). GetTop (); //Get MCC+MNC code (SIM card carrier country code and operator Network code)//Only when the user has been registered in the network is valid, CDMA may be invalid (China Mobile: 46000//46002, Unicom: 46001, Chinese Telecom: 46003) Public STA

     Tic String getnetworkoperator {telephonymanager Telephonymanager = (telephonymanager) context

   . Getsystemservice (Context.telephony_service);

  return Telephonymanager.getnetworkoperator (); //Return to the name of the mobile network operator//(for example: China Unicom, Chinese Mobile and China Telecom) The//CDMA may not be valid only if the user is already registered on the network. public static String Getnetworkoperatorname {Telephonymanager Telephonymanager = (telephonymanager) context. Getsystemservice


  return Telephonymanager.getnetworkoperatorname (); }//Back to mobile terminal type phone_type_none:0 Mobile phone format unknown phone_type_gsm:1 mobile phone standard GSM, mobile and unicom phone_type_cdma:2 mobile phone format for CDMA, telecommunications phone_type_sip:3 public static int Getphonetype (C Ontext context) {Telephonymanager Telephonymanager = (telephonymanager) context. Getsystemservice (Context.telep


  return Telephonymanager.getphonetype ();

  //Judge the type of network connected by mobile phone (2g,3g,4g)//Unicom 3G for UMTS or HSDPA, mobile and Unicom 2G for GPRS or EGDE, telecom 2G for CDMA, telecom 3G for EVDO public class Constants {/**

  * Unknown Network class * * public static final int network_class_unknown = 0;

  /** * WiFi NET work */public static final int network_wifi = 1;

  /** * "2G" networks * * public static final int network_class_2_g = 2;

 /** * "3G" networks * * public static final int network_class_3_g = 3; /** * "4G" networks * * public static final int network_class_4_g = 4; 

     public static int Getnetworkclass {Telephonymanager Telephonymanager = (telephonymanager) context

   . Getsystemservice (Context.telephony_service); Switch (Telephonymanager.getnetworktype ()) {case TelephonyManager.NETWORK_TYPE_GPRS:case Telephonymanager.networ K_type_edge:case TelephonyManager.NETWORK_TYPE_CDMA:case TelephonyManager.NETWORK_TYPE_1xRTT:case Telephony

   Manager.NETWORK_TYPE_IDEN:return Constants.network_class_2_g; Case TelephonyManager.NETWORK_TYPE_UMTS:case TelephonyManager.NETWORK_TYPE_EVDO_0:case Telephonymanager.network_ Type_evdo_a:case TelephonyManager.NETWORK_TYPE_HSDPA:case TelephonyManager.NETWORK_TYPE_HSUPA:case Telephon

   YManager.NETWORK_TYPE_HSPA:case TelephonyManager.NETWORK_TYPE_EVDO_B:case TELEPHONYMANAGER.NETWORK_TYPE_EHRPD: Case TelephonyManager.NETWORK_TYPE_HSPAP:returnConstants.network_class_3_g;

   Case TelephonyManager.NETWORK_TYPE_LTE:return Constants.network_class_4_g;

   Default:return Constants.network_class_unknown;  }//Determine the network type of the current phone (WiFi or 2,3,4G)//The method that needs to be used is public static int Getnetworkstatus (context context) {int Networktype

   = Constants.network_class_unknown; Connectivitymanager Connectivitymanager = (connectivitymanager) context. Getsystemservice (Context.connectivity_serv


   Networkinfo networkinfo = Connectivitymanager.getactivenetworkinfo ();

    if (networkinfo!= null && networkinfo.isconnected ()) {int type = Networkinfo.gettype ();

    if (type = = Connectivitymanager.type_wifi) {networktype = Constants.network_wifi;

    else if (type = = Connectivitymanager.type_mobile) {Networktype = Getnetworkclass (context);

  } return Networktype; //PX-DP convert public static int dip2px (context context, float Dpvalue) {final float scale = Context.getresourceS (). Getdisplaymetrics (). density;

return (int) (Dpvalue * scale + 0 5f); public static int Px2dip (context context, float Pxvalue) {final float scale = context.getresources (). Getdisplaymetr

  ICS (). Density;

return (int) (Pxvalue/scale + 0 5f); //PX-SP convert public static int PX2SP (context context, float Pxvalue) {final float Fontscale = context.getresources ().

   Getdisplaymetrics (). scaleddensity;

  return (int) (Pxvalue/fontscale + 0 5f); public static int sp2px (context context, float Spvalue) {final float Fontscale = context.getresources (). Getdisplay

   Metrics (). scaleddensity;

  return (int) (Spvalue * fontscale + 0 5f);

  ///Convert a millisecond number into a time string//format of hours/minute/sec/millisecond (such as:24903600–> 06 hours 55 minutes 03 seconds 600 milliseconds)/** * @param Millis * The number of milliseconds to convert.

  * @param iswhole * Force all hours per minute/sec/millisecond.

  * @param Isformat * Time number to be formatted, if true: a few digits ahead of completion; If false: fewer digits ahead of completion.

  * @return return time string: Hours/minute/sec/millisecond format (such as: 24903600--> 06 hours 55 minutes 03 seconds 600 milliseconds). * * public static String millistostring (Long Millis, Boolean iswhole, Boolean Isformat) {String h = "";

   String m = "";

   String s = "";

   String mi = ""; if (iswhole) {h = Isformat?

    "00 hours": "0 Hours"; m = Isformat?

    "00 Points": "0 points"; s = Isformat?

    "00 Seconds": "0 Seconds"; Mi = isformat?

   "00 milliseconds": "0 milliseconds";

   Long temp = Millis;

   Long Hper = 60 * 60 * 1000;

   Long Mper = 60 * 1000;

   Long sper = 1000; if (Temp/hper > 0) {if (Isformat) {h = Temp/hper < 10?

    "0" + Temp/hper:temp/hper + "";

    else {h = temp/hper + "";

   h = "Hour";

   temp = temp% Hper; if (Temp/mper > 0) {if (Isformat) {m = Temp/mper < 10?

    "0" + Temp/mper:temp/mper + "";

    else {m = temp/mper + "";

   } m = = "cent";

   temp = temp% Mper; if (Temp/sper > 0) {if (Isformat) {s = Temp/sper < 10?
"0" + Temp/sper:temp/sper + "";
    else {s = temp/sper + "";

   } s + + "seconds";

   temp = temp% Sper;

   Mi = temp + "";

    if (Isformat) {if (temp < && temp >=) {mi = "0" + temp;

    if (Temp < ten) {mi = "+" + temp;

   } mi = = "MS";

  Return H + m + S + mi;

The format is hour/minute/sec/millisecond (such as:24903600–> 06 hours, 55 minutes, 03 seconds).

  /** * * @param Millis * The number of milliseconds to convert.

  * @param iswhole * Force all hours per minute/sec/millisecond.

  * @param Isformat * Time number to be formatted, if true: a few digits ahead of completion; If false: fewer digits ahead of completion.

  * @return return time string: Hours/minute/sec/millisecond format (such as: 24903600--> 06 hours 55 minutes 03 seconds). */public static String Millistostringmiddle (Long Millis, Boolean iswhole, Boolean Isformat) {return millist

  Ostringmiddle (Millis, Iswhole, Isformat, "hours", "minutes", "seconds"); public static string Millistostringmiddle (Long Millis, Boolean iswhole, Boolean Isformat, String Hunit, String

   Munit, String sunit) {string h = "";

   String m = ""; String s= "" ; if (iswhole) {h = Isformat?

    "+" + Hunit: "0" + hunit; m = Isformat?

    "+" + Munit: "0" + munit; s = Isformat?

   "+" + Sunit: "0" + sunit;

   Long temp = Millis;

   Long Hper = 60 * 60 * 1000;

   Long Mper = 60 * 1000;

   Long sper = 1000; if (Temp/hper > 0) {if (Isformat) {h = Temp/hper < 10?

    "0" + Temp/hper:temp/hper + "";

    else {h = temp/hper + "";


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