36 words that often inspire us

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1. There is knowledge and courage, and discerning, and intelligence and guts are mutually stimulating.

2. Physical exercise can (and can sometimes be quickly) make people optimistic (scientific experiments prove).

3. Diligence, opportunity, optimism are the three elements of success. (Note: Conventional wisdom argues that diligence and opportunity are essential elements of success, but the analysis of statistics and successful people shows that optimism is the third element of success.)

4. Self-confidence is the core of personality.

5. The more successful you get, the happier you will be. (Ambition is the cause of diligence, Temperance makes one wither)

6. Love what you have. --Leo Tolstoy

7. (generally) don't want to be three years later, just think about it now. (now there are achievements, later can be more brilliant)

8. Look at the problem more broadly, there is no solution. (The road to truth is wide, people want to narrow the road, of course, do not go beyond the times to think that no one can solve the matter now)

9. Do not ask the harvest, only ask the cultivation. (as a tree, the root, and then the branches, then the flowers, good work, do not think too much, that will only make people timid, lazy, because do not practice, and even do not touch society, you are savage?! (stage comedy))

10. Patience and belief (Deng Xiaoping thinks he can downs the reason, more difficult to achieve, but the modern society simple things are done by the machine, more and more white-collar, need to pay attention to OH)

11. Constancy is not a matter of breaking.

12. The Fountain of wisdom must drink to make one awake. (Introduction to the English textbooks, the headache of the English-speaking brother probably didn't see it, remind everyone)

13. The size of the pleasures of life depends on how much we care about life.

14. Do not be afraid, do not regret (although only six words, but often see the new)

15. Opportunity has a special affinity for the prepared mind.

16. The best way to Yeh is to keep developing.

17. Impatient to eat hot dumplings

18. Death will be born, Sachio will die--"The art of Wu Zi" (second only to the art of War of the armed classics)

19. To change your destiny, change yourself first.

20. Go your own way, let others say it!

21st. The key to learning--repetition

22. Only to find a way to succeed, not to make excuses for failure (poor workers always say that tools are not good)

23. The difficulty is the opportunity-Winston Churchill

24. I struggle, so I'm happy--Alan Greenspan (the man who saved the financial crisis in Southeast Asia, my idol)

25. Curiosity, the door of knowledge

26. To be angry is to punish yourself with others ' mistakes. --Kant (the philosopher Grin)

27. The loss of money is very little, the loss of health is very much, the loss of courage of the people lost everything.

28. As long as the determination to overcome fear, can almost overcome any fear. Because, remember, in addition to the mind, fear has nowhere to hide. --Dale Carnegie resistant to base

29. When you are afraid, put your mind on what must be done, and if you have been thoroughly prepared, you will not be afraid. --Dale Carnegie resistant to base

30. The word "impossible" (French is a word) is only found in the Dictionary of Fools. --Napoleon

31. Do what you fear, and fear that nature will vanish. --Rove Huado Emerson

32. Everything in this world is done through hope. The farmer would not sow a grain of corn, if he did not wish it to grow seed; a bachelor would not marry, if he did not wish to have a child; a businessman or craftsman would not work, if he had not wished for it to be profitable. --Martin Luther

33. The firmness of the goal is one of the most necessary source of power in character and one of the tools of success. Without it, genius would be in vain in an uncertain path of mystery. --Sir Chasder

34. Take a risk! The whole life is an adventure. The person who goes farthest is often the one who is willing to do and willing to take risks. The "safe" boat has never been able to walk far from the shore. --Dale Carnegie resistant to base

35. When a young man stood up and faced the big Bounder--the world--and bravely grasped his beard, he was surprised to find that his beard had fallen off his hand, and that it had only been tied up to scare the timid adventurers. --Rove Huado Emerson

36. Courage has reason to be regarded as the first of human virtue, because this virtue guarantees all the rest of virtue. --Winston Churchill

36 words that often inspire us

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