360 Antivirus How to set up a proxy server with a script

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First, command format

Please enter the following command in the Windows run input box:

360sd.exe/proxy/hip: Proxy Server IP address/hport: Proxy Server port number

For example, the proxy server IP address is and the port is 8080, which can be set with the following command-line directives:


To cancel the proxy server settings, run the following instructions:


Second, set the proxy server VBS script

Network administrator can download our sample VBS script from here, according to your network environment to make changes to each client computer execution, proxy server settings.

The script is divided into "set agent" and "Cancel Agent" two, when the client no longer need to access through the proxy server, the "Cancel agent. vbs" can be distributed to client execution, cancel proxy server settings.

Third, the Operation example

1, set proxy server

Client run the set agent. VBS script, or enter the command directly in the Windows Run dialog box:

If you are under the Windows 7 operating system, you may see the User Account Control dialog box, please click Yes to allow the program to run;

360 antivirus will automatically detect whether you need to use a proxy server to surf the Internet, if you do not need to, you will be prompted:

If you find that you need a proxy server online, 360 antivirus will automatically test the proxy server connection, if the connection is normal, you will be prompted to set the success:

If the test discovers that the proxy server is unable to connect, an error is prompted:

After the completion of the setup can go to the client computer 360 antivirus for verification, open 360 Antivirus "Settings" dialog box, and select "Upgrade Settings", you can see Proxy server settings:

2, Cancel Proxy server settings

The client runs the cancel agent. VBS script, or enter a command directly in the Windows "Run" dialog box, 360 antivirus will ask you if you want to clear the Proxy server settings:

360 antivirus will automatically clear the proxy settings, clear after the completion of the alert you:

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