360 Browser can not open the Web page how to solve

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Why can't I open the page?

1, network connection: Network line connection is incorrect or interfered, blocked the use of the network, so the browser naturally can not use the

2, Software interference: For some reason, 360 browser May and some Web site software conflict, the two are not compatible, maybe you choose not 360 browser, so can not use

3, the virus infection: The computer is attacked by the hacker or is the virus infection, because of the virus influence, the webpage opens extremely slow or does not open the webpage

4, Network firewall: Network firewall set improperly, high security level, accidentally put 360 browser into the block access list, resulting in 360 browsers can not open the Web page

5, 360 itself out of the question: 360 The browser itself failure, it will naturally affect the browsing, or the browser has been maliciously modified damage can also cause the Web page can not be browsed

Repair method

1, check the computer's broadband connection is normal, the location of the network line is correct

2, some software and 360 will cause conflict, two incompatible, so at this time you have to pay attention to, is the choice of software or choose 360, both choose one. If you want to leave 360, disable or delete the software you choose. (as before Tencent and the 360 dispute)

3, encountered some viruses, will also lead to 360 browser open slow or not open, then we need to use some anti-virus tools to deal with, to 360 for example, open 360 security guards

See what the virus is, and then the killing, preferably manually remove the virus

4, open the "Start" menu, find "Control Panel", open. And then find Windows Firewall.

Open, and then do the firewall settings

5, if the installation of the 360 browser itself out of the problem, you can reinstall the 360 secure browser

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