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360 browser provides three kinds of favorites to import

1.IE Favorites Import

Because we want to switch browsers, so, first of all, we will first choose, login account, the other browser to import the way to import favorites. However, small series tried many times, still can't from Sogou browser, will own the Network Favorites folder, import to 360 browser, prompted I did not detect other browsers.

2.HTML file Import

The second method, HTML file import, we first will Sogou browser network favorites saved pages, exported to HTML file, and then import it into the 360 browser, but still failed, the system prompts the success of the import, but our 360 browsers still cannot successfully import. However, we note that such a method, although it will succeed, but there will be some trouble, that is, our favorites sorted, will be confused, to find our usual web site often on the website, will be very troublesome. This is because not every browser saves favorites in the same way that they are arranged.

3. Other browsers Import

Of course, when we are helpless, can only choose the last method, is to use IE browser favorites import. First of all, use, Sogou browser, will be the Network Favorites folder, import the local IE browser favorites, and then use 360 security browser to our IE Favorites, import to 360 browser, this will be successful.

These are three basic methods, and the 360-browser gadget finds the following approach more effective, although it's a complex but perfectly synchronized collection of data.

1, we login our Sogou browser, manage our network favorites, export it into HTML files, put on the desktop. To facilitate our search

After clicking, generate a file with an HTML suffix

2, we in Sogou Browser, exit our network favorites, so that we will see, we currently stored in the Sogou browser some of the practical habits and favorites are all gone

3, we in Sogou browser no network account login, import we have just exported the HTML file, so you will see Sogou browser favorites have appeared in our network favorites stored in the Web page.

4, we will be 360 security browser Open, landing our 360 account, in the landing at the same time, choose to import other browser favorites, then choose Sogou Browser, after the successful import we can see our 360 browser, 360 network favorites will appear before we store the URL link. And the order is still the same.

5, click the immediate Backup, exit the 360 account, and re-enter the 360 security browser, verify that our network favorites are stored successfully

6, after the backup favorites will be OK.

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