360 Browser error code 102 shows network connection errors What should I do?

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The computer has a network, but when browsing the Web page using 360 security browser, found that the Web page can not normal access, display "Network connection error, error code 102" What should I do? This is usually related to the computer LSP, the following small series for everyone to share the specific solution.

1, open the computer 360 security guard, into the main interface, click on the lower right corner of the "more" option

2, into the "My Tools" interface, click on the top of the "all tools"

3, into my tool interface, in the upper right corner of the search bar input LSP can see the "LSP repair" function

4, find "LSP repair" option, double-click to install, installation completed, click on Open

5, into the repair interface, click on the lower right corner "immediately repair"

6, in the Pop-up prompt dialog box click "OK" to repair, repair completed, the problem persists, two times to repair

7, repair completed, open the browser can see the network has returned to normal.

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