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1, first open the computer desktop browser.

2, open the browser page in the bottom right corner of the position, there is a 100% words, said the small number of pages at the moment of the page ratio is 100%.

3, click on the scale will appear to measure the ruler, with the mouse around the ratio, you will find that with the mouse, the screen font and the proportion is constantly growing and shrinking.

4, you can see the mouse to the right, small series now adjust the proportion of the page is 125%, the font and the proportion of the page has become larger.

5, the same mouse to the left, the font and proportion will gradually shrink.

6, note that the scale is preceded by a small box, is used to select the zoom ratio for all pages in effect.

The hook means that you agree that the scaling will take effect for all pages (as long as you adjust the proportions, all pages opened in the browser will zoom out with the magnification); without a hook, the current page adjustment is only valid.

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