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When it comes to 360 safe browsers, many people are love and hate, on the one hand convenient, on the other hand, there are always reminders of high memory footprint, small series is often encountered, the solution to the internet there are a lot of, but I have tried, are palliative, not the root causes, Here is an analysis of the cause of the problem and 360 of browsers occupy memory too high resolution.

360 browser takes up too much memory

High memory Cause Analysis:

In the 360 browser 3.x multi-process framework, memory footprint is higher than the single process, but the advantage is that the Web page will be completely free of resources after the page is closed. In the 360 browser 3.x mixed process framework, memory footprint is higher than the single process, but the advantage is that the Web page after the closure of a better release of resources occupied by the Web.

These two modes are used for long periods of time, and memory usage is lower than the single process anyway. It also avoids web crashes, which can cause browsers to crash.

In fact, you open "tool-history" to clear all history and all traces, restart 360 browser after the memory into 300M

360 browser takes up too much memory

What is the reason? It was later found that there are several suspicious places:

The last three options on the "Tools-options-optimize acceleration" option are as follows:

360 browser takes up too much memory

DNS pre-read DNS resolution of Web sites that may be visited in advance, speeding up the connection of Web sites

Connect pre-read to set up TCP connections to Web page resource files that may need downloading, and shorten the process of downloading resources

Web page prefetching ahead of time may be accessed by the page, improving the speed of the page opening

I was naïve to think that these three conditions can be removed, who knows 360 of the warm tips are as follows:

"Unfortunately, this option cannot be turned off for browser performance reasons!"

So, presumably we all understand it, no matter you enter the site you commonly used, 360 will give you in advance load well, waiting for you to point in.

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