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Believe that a lot of small partners in the use of 360 browser, will often encounter today's special selling function will pop up in a period of time annoying advertising, causing a lot of trouble to everyone, I believe that many small partners want to close the removal of today's special selling features, then 360 browser today how to delete the sale, The following small series to bring you 360 browse today's special sale removal tutorial.

In fact, the beginning of the small set and everyone as distressed, do not know why 360 Security browser to push some new features out, feel that their computer is not under their control; then, for no reason on the more out of some features. Later, the small set looked for a moment, found that 360 security browser unexpectedly in the absence of customer permission, it has opened up the laboratory function, which is the root of these problems.

360 Browse today's special sale removal tutorials

1. Open "360 Secure browser" and find "tools" in the upper right corner--"Options"

2, click the option to find the laboratory

3, find "Today's special Sale", will "enable" Today Special selling "function" in front of the check

4, so you delete the 360 browser today special selling features OH

This is the triple Small series to bring you 360 of browsers today to remove the sale of the tutorial, hope to help everyone.

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