360 Browser Web page pictures do not show usage tips

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What is the reason for opening a Web page without displaying a picture?

If it is 360 browser, open 360 browser, the top, right click, the status bar open, open the bottom will appear bar

Click on a (ball + box) Flash automatic repair, manual below

That tip: Stack Overflow holy line

If it is IE browser

1, in IE window-tool-ie option-Advanced-Restore default settings-OK. Or in the Advanced tab of Internet Options, under Multimedia, select Play animation in Web pages.

2, ie toolbar-tools-Admin Add-enable Shockwave Flash 0bject (ActiveX control)-OK-reboot the computer-turn on Internet connection-automatically jumps out of the dialog box that installs the ActiveX control when it is open, confirming that it is ready to install.

3, the Flash Player upgrade to the latest.

4, open the Browser tool-internet option Security tab Low or Medium. Or

Internet Options----Security-----Customization Level---

(1) All options for the. NET Framework are checked for enabled and checked---Active control auto tip is disabled;

(2) Uncheck "Initialize and script active controls that are not marked as safe" select Enable;

(3) Check "Download unsigned active controls" to enable.

(4) Check "Do not have a certificate or only one certificate without prompting the user to choose" for Enable.

5, repair IE, or upgrade the replacement of IE.

Select Start → run, enter the regsvr32 actxprxy.dll command in the Run dialog box, click OK, and a message dialog box pops up, prompting "DllRegisterServer success in Actxprxy.dll", click OK button, then enter the "regsvr32 shdocvw.dll" command in the Run dialog box, click OK, and after restarting the computer, IE is repaired. "In addition, upgrading the replacement installation IE6 can also solve this problem."

6, repair system or reload system.

Run Sfc/scannow command in Start → run, scan for system file corruption, and if so, extract good files from the Windows installation CD to replace or overwrite the installation system.

7, the use of software optimization is not the display of the picture on the page to disable, such as the Super Rabbit toolbar has an interception of animated ads, canceled that is normal.

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