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A pc-end Android mobile app market developed by myself. Some time ago, my colleagues reported that 360 of the virus was infected with viruses. However, Kingsoft antivirus software and QQ computer manager did not report viruses, at first, I was not very concerned. During this time, the customer reported that the software was reported as a virus by 360, and the customer did not dare to install the software (although it was repeatedly explained that it was not a virus, but a false positive ). Helpless. I found all the earlier versions detected with 360 security guard and found all the reports were viruses. What happened? But fortunately, we found that the icons of the earliest versions of the installation files were different. We decided to use 360 for detection and found OK, no virus, the biggest difference between a virus-free version and a virus-free version is that the packaging tool is different (the virus-free version uses the NSIs packaging tool, the virus version uses the NSIs-based easy-to-install packaging tool). After finding the difference, package the program using NSIs, and re-use the 360 check to find that everything is normal and the problem is solved.

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