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Qihoo Company launched a web game-oriented browser: 360 game browser, the official claim is the Internet is currently the only designed for the game browser, with China's most complete web game library, targeted functional design to get the game small white and the deep praise of the Ashes players. And with China's largest malicious Web site, the use of cloud killing engine, can automatically intercept horse, fraud, phishing and other malicious Web site, do protect the interests of the player account, is the majority of players home travel, kill the strange copy of the choice.

Figure 1

360 game Browser features six features:

The first major function: multiple account to login easy tube

Multiple account management Most distressed people, with 360 game browser, a key login is not a string, easy to manage.

The second major function: Game-specific tools more convenient

A key to hide more convenient, prevent thieves to prevent the owner of horse protection.

The third major function: Game repair clean not begging for

Login difficult, slow loading, contact GM Half Day no response. 360 Game browser, let this day be gone forever.

The fourth major function: multiple protection system to protect security

Safe traffic Lights "fully automatic block Trojan virus site to ensure that the account security." Built-in network silver Security module, the game recharge do not worry.

The five function: Game space Daquan Select Qi

The latest game information oriented push, the most complete game web site for you to find, easy to login once played in the game area.

The big function: Game acceleration function let play fly

The game is fast. One-click operation, very worry. Reserve bandwidth, load fast. Intelligent optimization, more fluid.

Figure 2

According to the data report released by Eric, in 2010, China's web game market share has exceeded 2 billion yuan mark, reached 2.28 billion yuan, Tencent's "Chichong", the Seventh Avenue of the "Pinball Hall", Shanghai Xin Yun "Disdain heaven and earth", Shanghai Ranger "36", nine-dimensional "Wulin hero", Guangzhou Fi Ying "Mortal repair true", ya girl Entertainment "fairy Domain", the dynamic network of "business tycoon" and other variety of web games have achieved monthly income exceed tens of millions.

And in the 2010 China web Game Market Research report released by CNNi, the proportion of users who log in to the game every day is more than half of the users of social web games, of which at least 31.6% users log in a game every day, with a number of users landing 21.9% and 30% Users do not know what browser is the browser that they log on to the Web, and 360 secure browsers become the largest access channel outside IE Explorer.

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