360 How to change the name of the portable WiFi network?

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360 How to modify the name of the portable WiFi network

360 Portable WiFi is through the sharing of computer networks, so that mobile phones, tablets and other devices connected to the wireless network, so the mobile phone connection to this wifi will achieve 0 traffic, no operator network. 360 Portable WiFi plug directly into the computer USB interface, install a good driver can be used without complex operation, no wireless network card devices can still achieve WiFi sharing, really convenient for users.

The 360 Portable WiFi network is a handy mini router for 360 of the portable WiFi network names, but since 360 to promote brand effectiveness, the WiFi hotspot name is not modifiable, and the default is 360-xxxxxx, as shown in the following illustration, Sometimes you like to change your favorite WiFi hotspot name, which makes it more personal, and now teaches you how to change the network name of the 360-bit wifi.

1, the first 360 portable WiFi plug in the computer, and then go to the official download the latest driver, wait until the hot installation success, 360wifi create success. As shown in the following figure.

2, and then open the 360 portable WiFi network name modifier. The following figure.

3, input you want the hot name of the following figure.

4, this time you will find that the network name has been modified, it is so simple.

Note: The computer has been modified successfully but found that the phone has not shown the name of the change, that is because of the cache, please modify the computer on the 360 portable WiFi password on it.

360 The problem of how to modify the name of the Wi-Fi network is summarized. 360 Portable WiFi is characterized by no need for any configuration, "360 portable WiFi" to set up a successful, at this time, users only through smartphones, tablets and other search for wireless networks, you can search for a "360" wireless network (SSID), and then use the system randomly generated network password, You can surf the internet safely.

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