360 How to use guards against losing?

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Want to know how to use the 360 guards against loss? The following will tell you the 360 guard against losing the function of using methods, in daily life, we often do not know the key, mobile phones, wallets and other small things, with a 360 guard is not afraid to lose a little!

Everyone may not be very understanding of the 360 guard function is what, the following will introduce the 360 guard against the loss of the function of the message, from the hardware name can be seen "anti-loss" is the main function, so in addition to the loss, there are other functions?

360 Just online a website, revealed that the upcoming release of a "360 guard against loss" products. From the information released on the website, 360 guard should be a square hardware device, the above four keys, the magnifying glass represents the function of the anti-loss, the other three buttons, according to insiders revealed that the temporary support for mobile phone photos, the future will be extended to other functions.

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