360 How's the system reload master?

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360 How's the system reload master?

Relative to the CD-ROM reload or mirror restore methods, the advantages are: safe non-toxic, fast and convenient, drive can automatically backup recovery, will not change the activation information.

One, some netizens do not know how to install the system, if you take to repair shop to install at least dozens of dollars, but also moved to move to the trouble died, I heard that 360 has a key to reinstall the system, then try it. Before reloading the preparation work: Saves the network connection to be unobstructed, closes all software and the document, does not have to operate other software, may cause the installation to fail Oh, the reload will automatically help you to install the commonly used drive and the software, restores the desktop data. As shown in the figure:

Second, the system began to reload the computer software and hardware automatically detect, to see if the disk is adequate and network connectivity is normal, if the detection of normal will be some users of the data back down, and then the user click "Next" can be. As shown in the figure:

Third, the system began to reload, will automatically download the installation files on the network, all of us in the preparation of the work must be saved the smooth network. Then the installation of a 360-click System can be completed with a successful reboot. General system reloading takes about 10 minutes.

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