If you really buy a stake, who's going to save the HTC?

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650) this.width=650; "class=" AlignCenter size-full wp-image-5799 "alt=" Picture 2 "src=" http://www.kjxfx.com/wp-content/ Uploads/2015/08/2015-08-0914.jpg "width=" 651 "height=" 453 "style=" height:auto;vertical-align:middle;border:0px; margin:0px auto; "/> I always hold the view that salvation is mutual. Just like the teacher saves the "degenerate" student, on the one hand is the student soul to be liberated, on the other hand is the teacher himself to be rescued, is to own profession rescue; just like the people who support needy students in mountainous areas, on the one hand, save the poor student's life, the other is "save" their own heart, let their soul sublimation Recently,  shares in HTC News spread more and more intensified. Although both sides resolutely deny, but the result may be true.

If  really buy a stake in HTC, who is going to save who? One is the mobile phone industry's newborn calf, one is already down the noble nobility, one in the marketing comparable to millet, one is regarded as marketing such as air; one is ambitious but no technical accumulation, but one hand patent countless. Save once, between  and HTC seems to have become very subtle.

be rescued smile proud face small charm Hualian

A recent rumor has it that will take a stake in HTC, which accounts for as much as 31.5%. For this rumor, HTC CEO Ms Wang and  chairman Zhou 祎 have to deny. But in the past, the merger of Youku Tudou, fast-dropping and 58 fairs has proved that the more they deny, the more reliable they become. If  really bought a stake in HTC, 来 said it would be a real rescue-after all, it was launched by .

Since the  announcement to kill into the smartphone industry, the company's core business has been transferred directly to smartphones, and even Zhou Hongyi has invested almost all of its attention on it. Whether it is to build a Web site, open a forum, collect comments from netizens or Weibo and netizens to interact, and so on, almost all are pro-force. Visible, the smartphone business to 来 said absolutely not to lose.

But have to mention is, as a back-up force of the players,  in mobile phone technology, the accumulation of resources is zero. Compared with Xiaomi's original poor white, the only advantage is that it has plenty of money. But in the shape of mobile phones, patents, systems, channels, professionals and so on,  not to mention with Huawei, Lenovo, ZTE and other old manufacturers compared to millet, Meizu and so on compared to the inferior position.

If  on this rampage in the smart phone industry to fight, no doubt will only be in the touch of the beaten, will be some gains. Now, as long as a stake in HTC, and the latter become a "family", all problems can be fundamentally resolved. Although HTC "landed Phoenix is not as good as chicken", the accumulation of smartphones is still the vast majority of domestic handset manufacturers can not be a candle.

In the shape of the phone, although HTC's "All-around" is criticized, but the metal body is still the industry leader. Plus years of resources and patents in mobile phone research and development, will give a great help to the design of the odd cool mobile phone. Let it get rid of design weakness, patent scarcity and so on. Even on the sales channels, it is possible to extend beyond the e-commerce platform to the offline. In this way,  nature will be rescued, lest the other domestic handset manufacturers under the attack, end up disgraced.

HTC being rescued or finishing down the counter-attack of the underdog to the Giants

As mentioned above, HTC is a "down-and-down aristocrat". Although there has been a glorious past, but now the recession, losses so that it has been criticized. On the one hand, HTC insists on not selling the company, but on the one hand is indifferent to the unfavorable sales situation. And every time HTC face losses, the reason is due to the marketing reasons, but the mobile phone itself, the design, function, system defects in disregard.

If the  stake in HTC, its consistent strong marketing means will give HTC a great help. Let its brand, product return to mainstream public opinion environment, by the mass consumer again cognition. This is for a smartphone manufacturer, the role of promotion is irreplaceable-Xiaomi is to borrow marketing superior, Meizu is also changing the marketing strategy after the rapid reverse attack. And after getting a  injection, HTC will have more money to use for mobile phone research and development, and back to its peak is not a dream.

From these aspects, HTC will also be rescued, perhaps to complete the attack of the underdog to the Giants. For HTC, a  stake in both its independence and the current crisis, looks like a pretty good thing.

The salvation of each other? There's a lot more to be done.

Of course, now that the stakes are not settled, can save each other is still in the illusion. Even if the stakes really go, there is still a lot to do. such as the way of cooperation, the mode of mutual salvation, the attitude of both sides, the strength of determination and so on. Even if all this is solved, it depends on the speed of "fit".

You know, the smart phone market is now unpredictable, it is possible that there will be a great change overnight. If  and HTC are a little bit slower to fuse, it might not make sense to save each other. So, whether it's meat or soup, look at the speed at which they race against time. (New discoveries of science and Technology, Constantine/Wen)

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If you really buy a stake, who's going to save the HTC?

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