360 Mobile Guardian How to set up harassing telephone interception?

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360 Mobile Guardian How to set up harassing telephone interception?

1, open the mobile phone desktop 360 guards, in the Common Function Options page has a "Harassment interception" setting option, click Open.

2, after entering, you will see "spam message", "harassing phone" and "Intercept settings" three options. Below the page is the "one-click Empty" and "Report SMS" two options. "Junk SMS" in the display is intercepted all the text messages, the bad text message to report, although so far small series did not get any feedback.

3, in the "harassing phone" page to show the interception of all the phone numbers, the harassment phone can be classified marks, such as real estate intermediary, financial management, fraud telephone, to help more users to avoid being cheated. After receiving the harassing call marked by someone else, hang up and pull the number into the blacklist and mark it.

4, in the "Interception settings", the display is some settings options and your blacklist, whitelist and has been you marked the number.

5, advanced settings in the interception mode can be set, if you want to specify a person can dial, the TA added to the white list, choose to accept the white list, on the line.

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