360 Report a poison note (it can be done in minutes to make a poison-reporting procedure)

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I have an EXE with no 360 poison, but no icon, the current task is to add an icon to him. I used a powerful vs2012 to add. The process is as follows:

1. My exe

2. Use vs2012 file-"Open file Select EXE, then right click Add Resource Select icon, Import ico icon, then save (vs2012 Environment)

3. Add success

4. Add 64KB to 84kb after saving

5. Then I put in an XP virtual machine with 360 (currently the latest 10 pilot version) installed. Magic is what happened, 360 said these 10 Trojans! It turns out I can make a Trojan horse so quickly!!!

6. Then I do not add the icon before running, the result 360 do not report poison!

The result is I do not struggle, 360 you are too good!!! This is all a virus?!

360 Report a poison note (it can be done in minutes to make a poison-reporting procedure)

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