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August 16, 2012, 360 companies low-key launch of the search engine services. As a grassroots webmaster, it is bound to pay attention to the trend of each search engine, after all, we do site webmaster, often rely on search engine seo to eat.

Especially 360 such companies, it has a 360 browser background of the strong Internet access to make 360 search will be a share and the industry has a certain impact of the search engine, which is more worthy of my such a webmaster to pay attention to.

Now 360 searches have been online for several months, it also launched the "360 Webmaster platform", today I would like to talk about 360 of the search for our grassroots owners brought about the change, in fact, with the word change a bit large, but the 360 search on the line is indeed to our grassroots webmaster, and webmaster enthusiastic SEO field brought some changes.

In the past, SEO in China because Baidu search for a single big, and Google exit and other factors caused in China, SEO is equivalent to Baidu optimization. I also understand some SEO knowledge, operation of some SEO work, we do SEO basically do not see other factors, for search searches, Instant Search, Sogou search, Youdao and so on these search engines, we seoer can be completely ignored.

Whether it is seoer or our webmaster, or SEO customers are not concerned about the search engine other than Baidu search engine. Most concerned about the results of Google search engine, but the fact is that as Google withdrew from China, and gradually shut down a lot of business in the country, Google is often unable to visit, the domestic seoer, webmaster and customers of Google's attention is also getting less.

And 360 of the advent of the search, or quite by the webmaster attention. 360 Search in the Chinese webmaster Circle, so that the original pattern has slightly changed, now the author around more friends also began to pay attention to 360 search engines.

In fact, I think, as a grassroots webmaster, we must pay attention to all search engines, Baidu is the most important SEO platform is not false, but other search engines if it can be done, but also can achieve a lot of results. And all the seoer are doing Baidu search engine optimization, that do search, Sogou and other search engines instead of competition small. And 360 search engines are worth doing because their users are still quite large.

I still quite hope that we seoer, as well as stationmaster have more network marketing promotion aspect choice. Last summer, Baidu Big K Station, I believe that a lot of webmaster are fresh memories of the nightmare of the SEO industry, I admit there is a certain junk site, but I want to say, as a large company, as a socially responsible company, it is too reckless.

From last year's Baidu Big K Station, more and more stationmaster began to realize, cannot be able to search again since Baidu. And 360 of the advent of the search has undoubtedly given the webmaster New Hope. This is also amply illustrated by the 360 contributions shown in the figure below.


However, the author wrote this text today, not to say that 360 is the savior of the webmaster, knowledge to say 360 of the advent of the search for webmaster industry to bring inspiration. Perhaps 360 search is not as good as Baidu, but I still hope that 360 search can treat grassroots personal webmaster, after all, this is a very difficult group.

The author believes that in the future, search engine optimization, and grassroots webmaster website promotion will become more and more diverse. It has also benefited from the number of Internet portals like the 360 search engines. We must not only be satisfied with Baidu SEO, we must pay more attention to similar 360seo, as well as SMO such an internet development of the new era of promotion way, take SMO, SMO also contains a lot of ways, such as microblogging marketing, Renren marketing, net marketing, Douban marketing and so on.

Like the SMO and 360 search engine SEO will bring our webmaster's site a wide range of traffic, of course, it is worth noting that we are engaged in these new marketing methods to do Baidu SEO, Baidu SEO is still very important, but if one day our site was Baidu K station, That is not the site is worthless, because smo,360, search, Sogou will also provide us with traffic.

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