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Hot Key URL:

Simple understanding is the URL that can be accessed quickly. You can visit your own set of shortcut URLs by pressing the shortcut key (F1-F12).

For example, you can customize the F1 key to se.360.cn, and any time you press F1, you can quickly access se.360.cn

URL alias:

The Address bar to enter the shortcut words, you can access its corresponding URL, so that the commonly used sites do not have to enter the full name.

For example: Custom shortcut word gg, the corresponding URL www.google.com, you can enter GG in the Address bar to access www.google.com

Note: Each "Hotkey url" and "url alias" can correspond to multiple addresses at the same time, separated by semicolons (;).

The Address box input is completed automatically:

Most websites have "www." The beginning of the ". com" end, each input is troublesome, using "ctrl+enter" to confirm the site is very convenient, can automatically complete the www. and. com input. Other suffixes are used in the "360 Security browser advanced options."

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