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360 Security browser Advertising automatic filtering a total of eight major functions: (filtering is done automatically, without the user's own operation)

1. Automatic pop-up window filter

2. Page Floating ads Filter

3. Web Page dialog box and message box filter

4. Status bar Information filtering

5. Page Element blacklist filter

6.FLASH Filtration

7. Website White List

8. Remove Page Scripting restrictions

1, automatic pop-up window filter

Windows XP IE SP2 Pop-up ad filtering is far from enough.

Today's Web site pop-up ads a wide variety, in addition to pop-up windows, there are the following pop-up advertising mode:

such as: Web Page dialog box, Web message box, forced to open the IE window and so on.

SP2 ie browsers and Google's IE toolbars cannot filter these content.

These 360 secure browsers can be filtered and judged by behavior intelligence, so the chances of a false filter are small.

Judgment logic, one click can only pop up a window, no user action will pop out of the window will be filtered out.

2, page floating ads filter

This is the function that IE SP2 does not have. Floating elements could have made the site more colorful, but most Chinese webmasters seem to use it only to show ads

When you visit such a site, the page has a variety of floating pictures and animation there dangling, it is disturbing normal browsing, and inadvertently will point up, and then do not know where to go.

360 Secure Browser Floating ads filter is automatically discriminant, the principle is, who himself to move, filter who-this principle is very simple, but very practical, and those who need mouse interaction will not be filtered out of the elements-most of them are normal site elements, such as menus.

For floating ads, including many well-known Windows browser can be filtered, but most of them are simple to determine whether the element has absolute attributes, if there is filtering, this filtering way a lot of errors, and will also miss the absolute properties of the ads.

There is also an advertisement, known as Super drift by netizens, it will float across the screen (ordinary floating ads are only in the browser-wide fluttering), currently only 360 security browser is automatic discriminant and filtering Super drift, many other browsers are blacklisted, can only find one, add a blacklist, That is, passivity and waste of resources.

The use of the blacklist for resources is mentioned below.

3, Web Page dialog box and message box

For the Web Page dialog box, the logic of the 360 security browser, a mouse click to allow a Web Page dialog box pop-up, so that you can filter the pop-up web dialog box, and will not affect the normal Web Page dialog display site message box because it is too common, so only according to message text to do filtering, If a Web site always pops up a specific message box, if you want to join the network to make money ranks, click is to see, you only need to key words such as: "Network money" to join the message box filter, it will no longer appear, filtered messages will only be displayed on the status bar, no longer interfere with browsing.

4, State Bar information filtering

Many websites constantly refresh the state-text when browsing, forming "merry-go" effects, such as scrolling on the status bar, or flashing. If you think this is disturbing, you can select the status bar in the 360 security browser to display only the page link, that is, the page refresh status bar content will be filtered, no longer displayed, and the normal link information can still be seen.

5, page element blacklist filter

This is the function of almost all third party browsers, according to the blacklist rules, filter some of the content of the Web page.

Filtered content will be displayed as a text link, such as: Filtered ads, click on the text can be seen filtered content.

Note: page element blacklist filtering is bound to use the blacklist list, for each browser to access the elements, filters will be to the list of a comparison of the hit, so the list of blacklist filtering is larger, the CPU resources occupy will be larger, so we suggest you do not add too much blacklist.

6, Flash Filter

If you do not play flash games, then 99% of the Flash is the site's ads.

360 security can choose not to display the flash in the page, at this time, Flash animation will not be downloaded, Flash animation is generally relatively large, filtering they can save network bandwidth, but also save the time to play flash because of the CPU resources occupied.

For those with the use of Flash site This feature is not convenient, although there are few such sites, but this is still a small regret, hope that the future can be improved.

As a supplement to this flaw, the 360 security browser status bar has a small flash button, you can click on it to quickly switch whether or not to display flash, very convenient

Some browsers implement flash filtering by modifying the registry, which can affect other software, resulting in functional failure, and so on.

360 secure flash filtering is implemented through a built-in interface and does not affect other software.

7, the website white list

If a site is important to you, you can add it to the whitelist, so most filters don't work on the site (excluding the page element blacklist, because the element may come from another site, and flash filtering does not support the whitelist).

8, to remove the page script restrictions

Strictly speaking, this does not belong to the advertising filtering category, but like the above function, this filter is very practical.

Some Web pages through the script to limit the user can not copy the content of the page, can not pop the right button menu, 360 security can automatically remove these page script restrictions.

In view of the Web page compatibility, the ability to unlock the script does not remove all restrictions, if some of the pages still have some operational restrictions, you can choose Edit Mode in the Edit menu, when the page script is all invalid, all restrictions can be lifted.

Note : Please pay attention to 360 Security browser Topics

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