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Web page Scale-free

The IE browser kernel supports the display of 5 text sizes, but it does not take effect on CSS-style page text, and it only changes the text size, the Web page does not scale proportionally, and the 360 security browsers support the scale of the Web page without scaling.

While browsing the page, press CTRL and then scroll the mouse wheel to zoom the Web page, or you can select a specific zoom percentage in the Tools menu.

On the status bar at the bottom of the 360 secure browser, the page Zoom button is at the right end and the page can be scaled quickly.

Web page Automatic filling

When registering a website user, often need to fill in a form, and registration failure, hard to fill in the content is often not retained, but also to fill in. The 360 secure browser's automatic filling form is developed to solve this problem. After filling out the page form, you can not submit, but select the tool menu to save the current form, 360 Security browser will be the current Web site as the index to save the form on the page, when the submission error needs to be filled out, then select the tool menu to fill out the current form.

You can also choose to save it as a universal form, so that when you meet the form, the 360 secure browser fills in the current forms feature to automatically identify the form elements and fill in the corresponding content.

360 Security browsers Save your forms in encrypted form and are relatively secure. If you need to clear the form information that is already stored, you can manually remove the Form.ini file from the 360 secure browser installation directory.

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