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Have you ever experienced such a disturbing scene? Take a few days to download several g of the game pack, installed but found that the computer unfortunate poisoning, resulting in the system "die". On the network through the arduous search of documents and information, after downloading the account information was stolen! With the rapid development of the Internet, a number of security issues have been put before the netizens, more and more viruses, trojans through a large number of third party to modify data into the computer users, but always wait until the download completed will not find, so not only time-consuming , laborious, and very easy to bring economic losses.

360 Security Browser Built-in "Download cloud security" is aimed at the Internet users of these distressed research and development. 360 Security Browser Built-in cloud security download, through the cloud security technology means, in the file before the completion of the security authentication, at the same time with its system occupancy rate is small, download speed and so on, for users to save a lot of network traffic and download time. Download cloud Security with the 360 security browser of other security systems, together to build a six-tier protection system, to bring users a faster and more secure download feelings.

When using the 360 built-in cloud security download, if the link is secure, 360 Security browser will prompt "Not detected the dangerous information of the link", if there is a virus or trojan in the downloaded software, prompt "The link contains virus, recommend cancel download". At the same time, even if the user has started downloading dangerous files, 360 through cloud authentication will be immediately blocked to ensure user security.

Figure 1: Authentication Secure Download interface

Figure 2: Cloud Security detection contains virus recommendations cancel download

In addition to security advantages, the 360 security browser built-in cloud security downloads, not only the system occupancy rate is small, support Hyper-Threading download, but also by setting the number of download threads to achieve accelerated, lightweight and fast.

Large download tools, although professional, but there are many drawbacks: a long start time, high rate of system occupancy, often lead to computer card machine, for some small file download, time and not save how much. Cloud Security downloads with a hair-trigger start time and minimal system occupancy, downloading a lot of files takes even less time than a professional download tool.

Small and easy to use "Download cloud security" with other security protection systems, together to build a 360 security browser six-level protection system. It is reported that the cloud security can support an average of 5.5 billion clicks per day, 250 million samples a day collection analysis, the database first hit rate can reach nearly perfect 99%!

360 has the country's largest malicious Web site library, which makes 360 secure browser "Download cloud security" has a strong security base.

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