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360 Secure Routing P1 Setup tutorial:

Do not hurry to say that the configuration we first carefully look at the appearance, to be honest, 360 safe Route P1 packaging did not give me too big surprise, may be drawn-type packaging appearance texture is relatively soft. (Courier sent to the time has been more than 6 o'clock in the evening, light is not good pictures of general)

360 Secure routing P1 design it's a blast! Whether it is the quality of workmanship or shape design is very eye-catching, at least for me this used a lot of TP router is a bright front.

The 270° rotating dual antenna can be folded to the back, which is very ingenious. Top-grade anodic oxidation treatment of aluminum alloy surface, texture is very catering to the trend, a little Apple wind, really worthy of propaganda on the hall!

Okay, there's no more nonsense. Here's the Win7. To connect a router as an example

As pictured above, 360wifi-20**** is my 360 secure routing P1. This name is the default SSID of the router, which is labeled on the back of the router and can be modified artificially. In the past, the router in the first time after the connection to open the browser, input: to log into the route, it is estimated that this has become a habit of it?

But the computer is connected to the 360 secure route P1 opens the browser and jumps directly to the routing login page! 360 routing website is also linked to the routing login page, which is estimated to be "smart" part of it! Looking at the map is not difficult to find, 360 secure Route P1 management address is Click on "Open Now" to start managing P1.

Routers automatically detect the Internet way: PPPoE, dynamic IP, static IP. My is PPPoE, enter my broadband username and password, click to start the Internet immediately, you can surf the internet (this is no different from the normal router).

Next you can set up WiFi, custom duck Ode name and password select Next.

About 30 seconds or so the following screen can appear.

Now you can surf the internet via WiFi connection P1. Let's look at the router's web-side admin page! The design is still very consistent with the flattening trend. The browser enters to enter the login page, because the WiFi password and the login password are the same, you can enter the WiFi password.

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