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1.360 How does a secure browser look like the window of the world? Is it pirated?

-Not pirated, 360 security browser is working with the Phoenix to develop a browser, and the traditional browser is different: 360 Security browser More than a hundred poison not invade the sandbox.

2. Where is the sandbox? How can I not find it?

-The location of the sandbox Save folder is [C:/programfiles/360safe/shield/sandbox/360sebox] (if you've installed some programs in the sandbox and now you don't want to use them, you can delete them without affecting the system).

3. Install/Use 360 security browser, my antivirus software prompts the risk of software or virus how to do?

-That is antivirus active defense of the 360 browser installation has been intercepted, if you are in the 360 Security browser official website to download the installation is to be assured (if it is in other sites to download I can not guarantee the). Anti-Virus software interception Please choose to allow or add programs to the Trust zone. If you choose to refuse/block, then you can not install/Use 360 browser, remember!

4. How to toggle the newly opened tabs in the foreground/backstage display?

See the icon in the lower right corner? It's easy to switch when you click.

5. No sound (or flash) when watching movies?

--it's most likely that you've mistakenly closed the browser's flash/voice (see the bottom right corner of the browser)

6. There's nothing in my advanced options? The settings for advanced options are not available at all.

The problem is likely to be a script parsing error.

In the run, enter the following two commands in turn:

regsvr32.exe vbscript.dll

regsvr32.exe jscript.dll

These two commands re-register Windows Script Resolution module, which can generally resolve the problem.

7.360 Security browser's advertising filtering function is inferior to other well-known browsers

--360 Security Browser is born in such a large environment, in the application of the widespread use of the script today, the site used a variety of strange methods to achieve a variety of advertising, such as: floating ads, State bar merry-go, Super Drift, web dialog boxes, Web message boxes and other means to display ads, Advertising is an important condition for the survival of the site, but so many special forms of visitors is a great interference. 360 Security browser has been continuously improved in this regard, that is, to effectively filter these content, but also to avoid the normal function of the wrong filtering, 360 security browser is not the pursuit of filtering all ads, but filtering all interference.

The 360 security browser may not be the best advertising filtering software, nor is it the most powerful and flexible advertising filtering software, but it is definitely the best browser to automatically filter the most intrusive content of normal browsing, and you hardly need to be involved in this process.

8. Why do I set the 360 security browser as the default browser, sometimes through some software to call the browser, but started IE?

Because some software calls IE directly when calling the browser, they don't care what the default browser you set is. So even if you set the 360 secure browser as the default browser, they will also start IE directly.

9. Sometimes open the Web site when 360 browser will prompt: You entered the domain name or Web site can not access, this is why? Is there a problem with the browser?

-This is the friendly prompt interface displayed by the browser when an error occurs, not a browser problem. The problem is that the browser and the other Web server communication is not successful, that is, we often see in IE 404 errors. There are generally several reasons for communication failure:

1. URL input Error

2. The other site server instant busy, refresh can be resolved.

3. A busy computer, such as Kabbah in the upgrade may also be communication failure. Generally, just try again.

10. Sometimes the built-in download tool for 360 secure browsers can't download?

If sometimes the download fails, it may be because the server on that Web site has limited the download thread, and the thread is changed to 1.

In addition some forums only lets use IE to download, does not let use any other tool, including Thunder, the express train and so on downloads. See if you belong to this type. If you can choose to use IE download when the 360 download box pops up.

For servers that do not limit download threads, you can set the thread to 10 if you want to increase the download speed. Set method: See figure below

11. I see a beautiful flash on the Internet, how can I save it?

--Press and hold Ctrl+alt, then click the corresponding flash with the mouse, the browser will prompt you to save.

12. Can you turn off antivirus software after using 360 secure browsers?

--360 Security Browser is only the user in the browser to protect the user's computer, to prevent the virus to the user's computer damage, and can not stop the virus in other ways to invade the user's computer, so open the firewall and antivirus software is necessary, However, when you use the 360 security browser to surf the Internet, you can turn off the anti-virus software's web monitoring function to save resources.

13. Do you need to scan the virus for files downloaded in 360 secure browsers?

--Download file killing is the use of 360 security guards own Trojan killing engine, can not guarantee no virus. If you are not sure if the download file is secure, it is recommended that you do not download the actual path to open the file to open the download, but directly in the sidebar double-click just the download file, choose to run in the sandbox, so even if this file is a virus is also in the sandbox execution, will not affect your real system.

14. I use 360 browser when the Internet opened a Web page, when the antivirus software alarm said that the Web page has a virus, not to say that the sand box hundred poison, how can there be a virus?

--The sandbox is not able to eliminate the virus, it can not stop you on the Internet when the virus is downloaded to your computer, however, it can let the virus in a virtual system isolated from the operation, the destruction of the virus is limited in this small area (equal to the abolition of martial arts), your anti-virus software alarm, is a normal phenomenon. Even if the virus is downloaded to your computer, it will not start (unless you start it yourself, I think no one does it? ^_^), so this virus, even on your computer, will not pose any threat to your system.

15. Virus Trojan will continue to play a role in the sandbox?

--360 Security Browser is not only a sandbox protection is called safe. Above the sandbox, we have the industry's most powerful "Web page leak" and "system critical position protection" barrier. Under normal circumstances, the Trojan can not get into the sandbox is directly intercepted. If there's a Trojan horse. Using a specially concealed or currently undisclosed system vulnerability into the sandbox, it must also modify the registry to get execution power to run. A virtual registry is saved separately in the sandbox, and is automatically cleaned every time you exit the browser, without your manual intervention.

16. Why do I always show initialization failure when I turn on [super Safe mode]?

-This is likely to be an installation error or file damage caused by the proposed uninstall 360SE after the restart of the computer and then reload 360SE, in the reload if the anti-virus software interception please select Allow or add programs to the Trust zone.

17. Why is the 360 official out of the new version of the browser, but my browser does not prompt the upgrade?

--This may be your browser automatic update does not open (open method: Click on the Menu "Tools"-"Options"-check "Start checking version update"). If you turn on Automatic Updates, but still do not prompt you to update, it is possible that the new version has just been released, for the sake of the interests of users, for the new version of the browser 360 security browser has just released the official web site will only provide the download temporarily, after a short period of time, if the new browser did not find a major The new version of the automatic update file will be available on the server.

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