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360 browser is a previous period of time to import favorites, and then added more Web site collection, but 360 Favorite folders did not update, or the original URLs, how to update favorites?

306 Browser Update Favorites method: Open 360 Browser--favorites--Import Export--Import favorites--Browse (Favorites location)--Start importing--ok

My 360 browser always crashes, is already the latest version of each time to find solutions online 1 The result is still the same crash what's going on?

Because there are multiple processes using the 360SE of the new schema, when you manually end a child process, the label page in the process crashes. So please do not mandatory end 360se.exe process.

Of course, sometimes it is because the page you are browsing has an exception causing the page to crash, please do not worry, the 3.0 version of the new architecture, a child process crash will not cause the entire browser crash, greatly enhance the stability of the program, you only need to shut down the crash page.

When downloading the right key point to save the target, after downloading the dialog box disappeared directly, also can not find the file to download, how is it?

Do you have a super Bunny installed? It could be the Super Bunny optimization. When used, it triggers vista to delete the download file switch, that is, to shut down the download cache on the hard drive, so you even save it as, and it's not saved, actually it was deleted by the system and it was not copied from memory to the hard drive. You can still use the System Restore function to restore it to the use of optimization before you go. Your situation is much more, many people who use third party software to optimize Vista have encountered problems like you, the only way is to restore to the optimization before.

Use 360 browser time, after a while on the blue screen, please tell me what is going on?

Before answering this question, first of all, the reasons for the computer blue screen are very complex, including hardware and software two parts, see your problem description, should be software, check whether there is a conflict anti-virus software, or 360 browser and other software conflict between, suspected of conflict, You can uninstall the first to see if the situation has not improved, if it is not only to reload the system, even after the installation of the system has a blue screen, that is the hardware problem, whether the memory is loose or dust too much clean up and so on!

New version of the 360 browser, can not set the local favorites directory, I think local favorites for users more convenient and practical, recommended to the practical network favorites and local favorites can be user-optional!

If your 360 account is logged in, then you are using the network favorites, as long as you quit you can use the local favorites!

I used to surf the browser, now want to switch to 360 browser, but how to be able to travel to the collection folder turn over?

First will Travel browser favorites "Export to File"; Then, start 360 Browser, click on the Browser menu bar "Favorites" → "More Features" → "Import Favorites" → "Import from the file" → "browse" to find just exported files, import can!

After setting up the 360 option set, click on the blank space. Then normal browsing the web, all normal, exit the browser, open 360 security guards or other software, in its interface click on the link---360 browser opened to normal browsing, but its option settings have been all lost, restore to the default, how to solve?

Please open 360 browser--click the Help button on the upper right corner--Fix the browser--solution (4)--Fix it now!

360 browser How to set the Thunder download?

Open 360 Browser--click on the status bar download icon, the pop-up window in the lower right corner select the "Gear" icon to enter the Setup interface, select the default Download tool.

My 360 browsers open the Web to see the video, but there is no sound, with other browsers have sound, how to solve?

This may be caused by the sound of your browser's page being incorrectly turned off. Method: Open 360 browsers--view--page elements--Play the Web sound! Look at the following picture:

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