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1. What is a trojan killing?

The use of computer program vulnerabilities to steal files after the program program is called Trojan. Trojan killing function can find your computer suspected Trojan program and in the case of obtaining your permission to delete these programs.

2. Why the Trojan?

Trojan is very harmful to your computer, may cause you include Alipay, Network bank Key account password is lost. The presence of Trojans may also cause your privacy files to be copied or deleted. Therefore, timely killing Trojan is very important for safe surfing the Internet.

3. How to carry out Trojan killing?

Click on the Trojan screen, you can choose the "Quick Scan" "Comprehensive scan" and "Custom Scan" to check your computer for the existence of Trojan horse program. If a suspected Trojan appears after the scan is complete, you may choose to delete or join the Zone of trust

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